Literal Polka Dots

I couldn't get the idea of a neon yellow gradient out of my head all day. It's something I just felt I needed to do as soon as possible. So, I picked two of my all time favorite colors: Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (China Glaze) and My Boyfriend Scales Walls (OPI). I know I know, that damn greyish white has made several appearances recently (here, here, here and here), but it really deserves the spotlight. It's a perfect color.

I love the way it looks under the neon yellow. Neon yellow and grey go very well together somehow. Look at the Parsons school of design workroom this season on Project Runway:

I wanted to add something, but since I had done polka dots last night, I wanted to do something different, but keep it round.

The solution?

Literal polka dots...with rhinestones.

The trigger finger idea came about only because my supply of black rhinestones wouldn't have been enough to cover all 10 fingers. A nifty solution for the thrifty.


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