Terrazzo Tiles

I don't know about the rest of the world, but I know that in Colorado, everyone's favorite season is Fall. I mostly agree, although Summer mornings have a really special place in my heart. However, I whole-heartedly agree that most nail polish companies have THE BEST Fall collections! Every year, I like almost every single one of the colors from everyone's Fall lines, and OPI's 2020 Fall collection, Muse of Milan, is no exception. 

To honor Italy for this collection, I created a manicure inspired by terrazzo tiles, which you have definitely seen but may not know of. Google them. 

nailart nail art hand painted nail art
Terrazzo Tiles

For this look, I used all gels that were gifted to me by OPI Professionals. All but one color is from the Fall 2020 collection, and the odd ball is still Italian-themed, so I thought it was appropriate nonetheless. The shades I used are:

  • Fall-ing for Milan
  • Have Your Panettone and Eat It Too
  • Complimentary Wine
  • Drama at La Scala
  • Suzi Talks with Her Hands
  • I Cannoli Wear OPI (this is the non-Fall 2020 OPI color)
I hand painted each little slice of tile, and let me tell you, it took some time. Although it's not the most eye-popping, contrast-heavy design I usually go for, it's striking in its own regard and I absolutely love it. I can see this being something that someone who was intimidated by nail art would try for their cherry-popping first. 

Apples of My Eye

We have all been through a LOT in 2020, and the punches just keep coming. I know I've gotten a lot of "COVID clarity" as I like to call it. There's been some personal realizations that I've made because I was forced to slow down and really take a look at things. One of these realizations is how much I love my job, and particularly the closeness I have with my clients and coworkers. It's been such a relief to go back into work and see my people! I also realized how important creativity is for me, especially to my mental state. 

So when I reached out on my Instagram stories for some Fall nail art ideas, I was happy to hear from a few of you. One suggestion I got was from @mayumbatchibanga, who said "apples" would be a cute look. So these are the "Apples of My Eye"!

nail art apple nails
Apples of My Eye

I used the following colors from Zoya and OPI for this look:

  • Zoya: Cece, Genesis, Willa, Daisy, Linds, Wyatt
  • OPI: Make Light of the Situation, My Vampire is Buff, I'm Sooo Swamped!, Meet My "Decorator"
I like how the glitter on the apples coordinates with the other non-nail art fingers! It gives those little hand painted apples a little pop that makes me smile. 

And we all need something that makes us smile! 

Take care!

Bunny Day Egg Nail Art

Happy Bunny Day everyone! If you're in lockdown with a Nintendo Switch, then you've probably bit the bullet and bought Animal Crossing: New Horizon. And if you've done that, then you know exactly where the inspiration for these Easter nails came from. It was no small task, and required a LOT of colors, which I've listed below in no particular order. Happy Bunny Day!

animal crossing bunny day egg nail art
Bunny Day Eggs

Here's a list of the colors I used, some of which needed to be combined to get the right color.

OPI Colors:

  • Show Us Your Tips!
  • Mermaid's Tears
  • Sailing & Nailing
  • I'm Sooo Swamped!
  • What's the Double Scoop?
  • Sorry I'm Fizzy Today
  • Life Gave Me Lemons
  • No Room for the Blues
China Glaze Colors
  • Life Preserver
  • Stoked to Be Soaked
  • Sun's Up Top Down
Other Colors:
  • Milky Ways, Crema de Limon, and Lavendairy (Lime Crime), Sky (piCture pOlish), Load (Illamasqua), Danielle (Zoya)

Julia Dreams Floral Poppy

I can't even begin to talk about what has happened in the last few months for me, but I'll spare those personal details. Of course, we are all experiencing the global pandemic that is COVID-19, and for many of us in the beauty profession, that means we're out of work. I've temporarily been furloughed until the all clear is given that I can safely work on my clients again. That means a lot of time at home. A LOT. And while it's been nice to fill that time with projects here and there, it's also been filled with a lot of snacking and admittedly, drinking. So, to help curb that vice and keep this blog full of material, I've committed to posting more nail art, starting with today.

The colors I used for today's look are mainly from OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It. The black accent is Black Hole from INM. You'll recall from my Inktober 2019 posts that its become my favorite black for nail art.

nail art julia dreams floral poppy
Julia Dreams Floral Poppy

The design I snagged from a floral pattern originally designed by Julia Dreams. She has some excellent repeating patterns, and since today was so nice and sunny, I thought this was a nice cheerful Spring look.

Also be sure to check out my Instagram. I recorded a video of me doing one of the fingers. The original video is just over 10 minutes, so that gives you an idea of how long my designs tend to take me.

Stay safe, and stay home everyone! The better we are about containing the spread, the quicker we'll be able to be with the people we love. #StayHome

Inktober Day 31: Ripe

It's the last day of Inktober! I successfully completed 31 days of nail art and it was AWESOME! Which day was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

For day 31, the prompt is "ripe". If you're an avocado lover, you'll understand this look. Avocados have this way of being so delicious, but only for about 1 day. Right before that, they're tasteless and a little too hard to enjoy. Right after that, they just taste rotten. It's sad when either happens, but it's delicious when it's perfectly ripe.

#inktober #inktober2019 #nailart #avocado
Inktober Day 31 - Ripe

These ripe little buddies were done with a variety of greens and browns, including Black Onyx and A-Piers to Be Tan from OPI, Jace, Arbor, Tracie, and Desiree from Zoya, and Emerald Tower from lakur.

Inktober Day 30: Catch

One of the simplest sports to understand is baseball. Batters hit a ball thrown at them, fielders try to catch the ball that's hit at them, and if the batter gets 3 strikes, they're out. That's pretty much it! So in honor of the game, here's my "1...2...3 strikes you're out" ode to "catch", Inktober's 30th prompt.

#inktober #inktober2019 #nailart #handpaintednailart #baseballnails
Inktober Day 30 - Catch

I used mostly OPI colors for this look: Alpine Snow, Black Onyx, Having a Big Head Day, I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw, and Can't Read Without My Lipstick. Then for the base of the strike numbers, I used Genesis from Zoya.

Inktober Day 29: Injured

It was a long day at work, and unfortunately I didn't come out unscathed. The weather was so cold that my cuticles basically just shredded and I think I got an infection?

So I'm sorry for the horrible picture for day 29, but I'm pretty badly "injured".

#inktober #inktober2019 #halloweennails
Inktober Day 29 - Injured

Don't worry, none of this is real. It's all polish!

I used the OPI peel off base coat and some colors to get the infection look (Never a Dulles Moment and and I'm Sooo Swamped!), plus Courtney from Zoya for the blood. I had to gross you out a little for Halloween!