Inktober Day 22: Ghost

Do you believe in ghosts?

If you do, do you think all ghosts are haunting for bad reasons, or do you believe that some are there for other reasons? If so, what are those reasons?

Do you think all ghosts are see-through? Could they be different colors? Is there any visibility to them at all?

The world may never know. Even with all those legitimate ghost hunters out there. We can only keep searching...and watching scary movies. Until then, here are my ghosts.

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Inktober Day 22 - Ghost

I used this design as a template for the faces, and a variety of colors including Neon Green (American Apparel), as well as Look, Don't Tusk, Almost Famous, and 2 unnamed colors (purple and orange) from Color Club.

Inktober Day 21: Treasure

Get ready for the most glittering look of this year's Inktober. Last year I did hand-placed glitter for the "expensive" look. I did a little bit of that for "treasure" this year, around the edges of the opal stones. Then I literally put jewelry on my nails...real treasure! I believe the jewelry is from Born Pretty Store.

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Inktober Day 21 - Treasure

This look required a lot of layering, mostly of some flakies I still have in my drawers by Finger Paints (Flecked, Asylum, Twisted, and Motley), as well as additional sparkle and color including Sapphire Sparkle (CND), Saint (Zoya), and OPI shades Black Onyx and My Silk Tie. It got THICK and probably would've taken literal hours to come close to drying. Good thing I have another look to complete!

Inktober Day 20: Tread

In the US, there are very certain rules and courtesies of the road that help minimize traffic and accidents. Here are a few that drivers seem to forget:

  • Right of Way: Two cars pull up to a 4-way stop at the same time. The driver to the RIGHT goes first.
  • Blinkers: Your vehicle is equipped with signals that indicate which direction your vehicle is going when it's no longer going straight. This affords drivers behind your vehicle the chance to break or speed up or change directions appropriately, aiding in the flow of traffic. They're strongly encouraged. 
  • Headlights: Not only are these helpful for the driver of the vehicle to properly see at night, they also help other drivers see your vehicle. If the conditions inhibit your vision, it's generally a good idea to turn on your headlights so other vehicles are more aware of your presence. 
Now that we're all on the same page about these guidelines and rules of the road, let's enjoy some vehicular nail art in honor of today's Inktober prompt, "tread".

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Inktober Day 20 - Tread

Today's look was made of colors from 5 different polish lines:

  • OPI: The "It" Color
  • Sally Hansen: Lick-O-Rich
  • KB Shimmer: How You Dune?
  • INM: Black Hole

Inktober Day 19: Sling

Today's prompt was a tough one! I got stuck on an arm sling, and couldn't get my mind off of it. Unfortunately, an arm sling isn't really that artistic, at least in my mind while I was doing this. the spirit of Halloween, I thought about what a sling is for: to support broken bones. And broken bones are very on-trend for the season, so I thought about doing an x-ray look.

Then, I got tired after 3 nails, and added glitter.

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Inktober Day 19: Sling

The art was done with all OPI shades: Skull & Glossbones, "Liv" in the Gray, and Black Onyx. The glitter I used is My Three Glitters from Sonoma Nail Art. Thank goodness for that, because my eyelids were way too heavy to do two more nails!

Inktober Day 18: Misfit

Halloween may be THE holiday for misfits, because on that night, no one fits anywhere, and that's why it's beautiful.

But if there were ever Halloween royalty, Wednesday Addams would be its princess. She's the ultimate misfit, and embraces it fully. So from anyone who's ever felt like an outsider, thank Ms. Addams!

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Inktober Day 18 - Misfit

I used this design as inspiration for her portrait, and only 3 colors for the look: Black Hole from INM, Sharktooth from Jessica Cosmetics, and Skull & Glossbones from OPI.

Inktober Day 17: Ornament

I don't know what you're trying to pull Jake Parker. Putting a pretty Christmas-y prompt in Inktober just seems cruel. Sure, Halloween decorations have been out since May, but can't we give Halloween its rightful place in the sun? Why you gotta do that Jake?!

Anyway, here's my ornaments. The Whos in Whoville are definitely saying "welcome Christmas" with these.

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Inktober Day 17 - Ornament

I decided to open a polish drawer I hadn't visited in a while for this look, so I have colors from Bernadette Thompson (Dirty Diana and Wishful Thinking), lakur (Londoner Love, Emerald Tower, and Britannia), and Tillie Polish (Summer Nights City Lights).

Inktober Day 16: Wild

"Wild" is one of the easiest prompts for me. I knew exactly what I wanted to do. So here is my menagerie of animals for day 16. I've got a zebra, giraffe, tiger, cow, and leopard.

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Inktober Day 16 - Wild

I also used a menagerie of polishes for my polishes:
  • Zoya: Chantal
  • OPI: Get in the Expresso Lane, It's a Piazza Cake, A-Taupe the Space Needle, and Is Mai Tai Crooked?
    LVX: Sienna
    Color Club: Look, Don't Tusk
    INM: Black Hole