Inktober Day 26: Hide

If anyone has a cat, you're familiar with their antics. One of the cutest is when they're "hidden" but their tail or ears are poking out, but you pretend they're actually hidden, just like when a child plays hide and seek. So sebrodrick's Ghost Cat Collection was the perfect inspiration for today's prompt.

ghost cat nails

The background yellow is The "It" Color from of my personal favorites.

Inktober Day 25: Buddy

There's one "buddy" that comes to mind for most people, especially if you're in Colorado right now and the snow is falling. Here's the infamous Buddy the Elf for day 25 of Inktober!

buddy the elf nails

This little Christmas-in-October look with Buddy the Elf wasn't difficult to create, but it did require a few polishes:

  • Cement the Deal (OPI)
  • Pale to the Chief (OPI)
  • Get in the Expresso Lane! (OPI)
  • Chyna (Zoya)
  • Cece (Zoya)
  • Gravitron (Misa)
  • Tumble Bug (Misa)
  • Loop-de-Loop (Misa)

Inktober Day 24: Dig

There's not much explanation needed for the look I put together for "dig". So here are my little digger ants!

ant nail art

This was an interesting look to put together. First, I put down a layer of a textured Sally Hansen polish called Sugar Fix. Then, I painted one layer of Misty (Zoya) on top. The tunnel colors are also from Zoya - Chanelle with an outline of Emilia. I also used Emilia to add rocks in the sand. The ants were done with Courtney, another Zoya shade. Then, I used a matte top coat over the tunnels, and left the sand and rocks top-coat-less to maintain the texture effect.

Inktober Day 23: Rip

Here's some ripped jeans and a tutorial to go with them for day 23 of Inktober 2020. This was fun and EASY to do, so go try it yourself!

Click here to watch the tutorial on Instagram!

denim nails

The base color I used is Don Wannabe from a discontinued line called Sation. 

Inktober Day 22: Chef

I had an idea to do riff on the "holy trinity" of Italian cooking (celery, carrot, and onion), so when I hopped online to find pictures of onions, I stumbled upon this ADORABLE design of vegetables from Zhe Vasylieva and knew they belonged on my nails.  

vegetable nail art

There were a lot of colors needed for these little veggies:

  • Sultry Solstice, Mahogany Magic, and Emerald Bae (China Glaze)
  • Whitley (Cacee)
  • Loop-de-loop and Cherry Blossom Awesome (Misa)
  • My Boyfriend Scales Walls (OPI)
  • An NCLA purple that's missing its name

Inktober Day 21: Sleep

Today's prompt is "sleep", so I wanted to just do a bunch of Z's. I thought it'd be cool to do them in different font styles too.

letter nail art

I looked up what the "colors of sleep" were, and the first, unresearched result I found said cool, dark colors like green and blue, so I used two OPI colors to meet that requirement: Amazon...Amazoff and Road House Blues.

Inktober Day 19 and Day 20: Dizzy and Coral

Thanks for your patience about yesterday. I was so wiped out at the end of the day I just couldn't muster the willpower to stay awake and do a thoughtful design. But when I checked what day 20's prompt was, I thought I could combine the two into one! So here is day 19 (dizzy) and day 20 (coral). 

My little seahorse carousel was done with another Zoya Pixiedust shade (Levi) and a hot pink I LOVED (Byrdie), plus a classic OPI I've always enjoyed (My Boyfriend Scales Walls).