Bubble Up

Happy New Year everyone! 2019...it's weird to say. I started this blog 8 YEARS AGO! 8 years ago, I thought what other girls were doing, sharing their nail pictures and playing around with graphic art in blog form, was so cool, that I gave it a shot. I figured, "Why not? I like nail polish too!" It was humble beginnings (check out this early post), and it wasn't really for anyone but me. If someone else read it, cool! If not, it was a good excuse to stay busy after work. Then, it exploded. Posts were shared, tutorials were shared, magazines picked me up, and before I knew it, I was switching career paths to pursue what I thought would be a silly hobby. And here we are, 8 years later.

I didn't make any resolutions this year, but I did get a little bit of an idea I'd like to try to keep up with. While shopping for a new planner, I came across a journal with 300 drawing prompts. Just half pages with words at the top to inspire you to draw. After having so much fun with Inktober, I tossed the book into my basket with the resolve to do some from time to time. No commitment, just some inspiration.

Then I did today's design. Which wasn't inspired by the journal at all.

It was actually an idea taken from this Born Pretty stamping plate. I just simplified it with some basic colors (Act Your Beige! and Black Onyx from OPI).

Soft pink easy nail art - Nailed It @ www.blognailedit.com
Bubble Up!
It's like champagne bubbling up from the bottom of a glass. So cheers...to many more years!

Inktober - Double

If you're a West Coast kid, you'll get what I did for "double," day 29 of Inktober. Google it...I even got the layers right. And the sesame-seed-less bun...hungry yet?

Every single color used is from OPI (except a little bit of Give Peach a Chance from Sephora by OPI to get the secret sauce just right). Here's what that includes:

  • Alpine Snow
  • My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  • Act Your Beige
  • A Great Opera-tunity
  • Inside the Isabelletway
  • A-Piers to be Tan
  • Get in the Expresso Lane
  • The "It" Color
  • Never a Dulles Moment
  • Meet My "Decorator"
  • You Are So Outta Lime!
  • Jade is the New Black

Inktober - Gift

I've got 4 more days of Inktober to catch up on, so let me "gift" you with day 28. Since it's not Halloween-time anymore, here's a little sneak peek into a holiday look you could try for winter!

Over a base of Marshmallow (essie), I created some wrapping paper with Toast It Up! (China Glaze) and Snap Happy (essie). I was going to do all of my nails as presents, but I liked the bow accent on just one, so I added the dots to spice it up a little.

Inktober - Thunder

When you think of "thunder" (our prompt for day 27), your mind probably goes to lightning immediately. Mine does too. BUT...I wanted to do something that wasn't just about lightning, so here are my thunder clouds rolling in on my nails for Inktober day 27.

This was a two-color design, both from essie: Bikini So Teeny and Licorice. The thunder clouds are better from far off, but they're not so horrible up close. I just smudged the lines with acetone to give them a more "distant" feeling, and added one lightning bolt for effect.

Inktober - Stretch

Apologies for being behind on Inktober. I had a great Halloween weekend celebrating with friends (check out my Instagram to see my creepy Jigsaw costume) and I've been doing my homework to drop off my ballot, so I took some days off of the prompts.

Today I'm coming back to you with "stretch" for day 26. I thought that maybe I'd do a yoga pose, or a cat's silhouette, but then I got rubber bands in my head and couldn't shake them. So here's some little rubber bands for day 26!

The base is Act Your Beige (OPI), and I used 4 essie colors for the bands: Roarrrrange, Strut Your Stuff, Snap Happy, and Ruffles & Feathers. To get the depth on the bands, I either mixed black or white with each shade to make it darker or lighter.

Inktober - Prickly

I grew up in the desert, so I needed to do a cactus for Inktober day 25 ("prickly"). There's a little joke in there too, if you pay attention to the finger it's on, and the shape of the cacti.

That gorgeous neon green is Electro Kush (Hail Nails), and the cactus background is My Vampire is Buff (OPI). I topped my middle finger cactus with Dixie (Zoya) and planted it in the dusty color Don't Pretzel My Buttons (OPI).

As I'm winding down into the last days of Inktober, let me know if you've had a favorite so far! I'm curious to know if many people even read this. Thank you to those who do! <3

Inktober - Chop

One of the most fun and satisfying birthday activities I've ever been a part of was when my friend took me to an axe throwing event. In a small warehouse with a bunch of plywood mounted to the walls with targets painted on, we were allowed to hurl axes of varying sizes at the wall. The first time I threw one, I didn't throw hard enough. The instructor actually asked me to put more weight behind it, and when that axe lands on the target (or anywhere near it), it brings an insane amount of satisfaction. If you live near something like that, TRY IT! I'll take chopping wooden walls over chopping onions any day. So I used that as my inspiration for Inktober day 24.

What axe-man wouldn't wear plaid? I thought it applied nicely to my theme, and added a little axe logo for good measure. The bright red base is Carmen (Zoya), and the logo's background is You're So Vain-illa (OPI). I watered down the black plaid lines by adding top coat to Black Onyx (OPI) and stirring it up until it looked runny. Then I filled in the black checks with solid black. Easy.