Inktober 2023 - Day 31: "Fire"

Inktober is officially over! 31 days of nail art, all done in gel, all hand painted by me! 

To round it all off, here's "fire" for our last day.

Which day was your favorite?

Inktober 2023 - Day 30: "Rush"

Gone Greek for today's prompt, "rush". 

Mix and match the letters as you wish!

Inktober 2023 - Day 29: "Massive"

If you live anywhere near the woods in Colorado (and many other states for that matter), you know that there are moose...and you DO NOT mess with a moose! Not only are they fiercely protective, but they are MASSIVE!

Perfect animal to honor for day 29 of Inktober!


Inktober 2023 - Day 28: "Sparkle"'s been 28 days. So when given the prompt "sparkle", I knew I could phone it in a bit and give myself a design break! So here's a sparkly polish with some sparkle nail art!


Inktober 2023 - Day 27: "Beast"

Sorry for the late post...there was a beast scratching up my nails all day! 

Luckily I was able to gather photographic evidence to put it to rest.

Inktober 2023 - Day 26: "Remove"

Know any teachers? I've got the perfect set for them to wear for their next school year! 

Tiny pencils with even tinier erasers! And school-appropriate amounts of primary colored glitter. Perfect.

Inktober 2023 - Day 25: "Dangerous"

I wish "dangerous" had been earlier in the month, because I had big plans that, unfortunately, I had to curb due to sheer lack of time. Maybe I'll still put together the little plan I had one day. 

But for now, here's a warning for dangerous things!