Extra Christmas

My name's Katy and this morning I listened to Christmas music. It just felt right in the moment, and I harbor no shame about it! Halloween had it's time to shine, and now Christmas is on my mind, especially after getting the Shine Bright collection from OPI! So with a little push from OPI, I made this look featuring colors from the collection and Swarovski Crystalpixie exclusive shades that came with the colors. 

extra Christmas nail art

I used all 4 of the Swarovski shades: Crystal Shimmer, Copper, Rose Gold, and Chrome.

All the gels used for this look are from the Shine Bright Collection, including:

  • Multi-Dimensional Diva
  • Dressed to the Wines
  • Snowfalling for You
  • Gingerbread Man Can
  • This Gold Sleighs Me
  • Twilight Tones
  • Optical Nailusion 
I also used Alpine Snow (OPI) beneath Optical Nailusion for the base of the 3 middle fingers to punch up the contrast, and then some of the outline details were done with Kokoist gels Bluey White and Maxi Black. (They're amazing for detailing!)

Matte-ful Botanical

If I could poll the clients I work with to learn which collections from OPI they like the most, the popular vote (and electoral college vote) would wholeheartedly agree that it's been OPI's Fall collection every time since I've been working as a nail technician. So, to pay homage to past Fall collections and to scratch the itch to continue to make beautiful nail art posts, here's a fall botanical scene for you to enjoy.

matte fall botanical nail art

All but the rusty orange (It's a Piazza Cake) are from the Washington D.C. fall collection back in 2016. The yellow is Never a Dulles Moment, the raspberry is OPI by Popular Vote, and the army green is Suzi - The First Lady of Nails

Don't those seem fitting as we come to the end of day 4 of the presidential election? 

All the botanical illustrations were hand painted over a blob of My Vampire is Buff (also OPI) with Black Hole (from INM). I topped it all with OPI's Matte Top Coat as well. (Has anyone else really been vibing with the matte top coats? It all started for me when I did a friend's nails back in September for Halloween.)

Inktober Day 31: Crawl

Happy Halloween everyone, and I hope you enjoyed Inktober! I had a blast doing it this year...probably the best year so far! I'm so happy to have shared it with you all, and I hope you like the last entry of this year with these creepy cute little crawling spiders.

spider nail art

The base color is Sandy from Zoya, and everything is hand painted as usual!

Inktober Day 30: Ominous

I watched a good horror movie last night, called Cadaver. I won't give it away, but there were definitely eyes where they shouldn't have been in the film. That gave me the perfect inspiration for today's "ominous" prompt. Watch where you step!

spooky eyeball nail art

The floor boards were done with two Zoya colors: Louise and Noah. Then the eyeballs were done with White Porcelain and Black Hole (INM), as well as Shore Enuff and Sun Upon My Skin (China Glaze) and Hannah (Zoya). 

Inktober Day 29: Shoes

Home stretch for Inktober 2020! Today's prompt is "shoes", and rather than do the typical converse nail art, I gave it a little spooky spin.

halloween converse shoe nail art

The green base is Secret Garden Posh (lakur), and the orange is Sunset Blvd (American Apparel). Black Hole and White Porcelain (INM) provided the rest of the look, plus little silver rivets of Push and Shove (OPI).

Inktober Day 28: Float

 It was pretty obvious with it being spooky season, and with a prompt like "float", that I was going to do an homage to "It"...the origin story for all creepy clowns. 

It nail art Pennywise nail art

The colors I used were Licorice (essie), White Porcelain (INM), and Having a Big Head Day and It's a Piazza Cake (both from OPI). 

I also apologize for the late post. I was fully engulfed in a new (to me) docuseries called "The Vow,"

Inktober Day 27: Music

Is anyone else missing live music as much as me? COVID has just killed that this year, and I really hope it changes soon. But in the meantime, this is as close as my nails get to music right now.

neon sign nails

On a base of Licorice (essie), I painted each letter in Sharktooth (Jessica Cosmetics), then outlined them in neon polishes including Chatty Catty and Skater Dater (Sation), Funky Yellow (Kleancolor), and Neon Heat (ORLY). Then I painted over the neon again with white. It's actually really simple and really effective if I do say so myself. I also added some neon glitter on my thumb with Phoenix (Pretty & Polished) and Frankenstein Spit (jindie nails).

Who else misses live music?