Inktober - Clock

It's sort of fate that on the night I need to post twice, the theme is "clock" and I feel like it's late enough at night that this day 14 Inktober nail art is exact.

This digital clock art just used 3 colors. The base is essie Licorice, the white is essie Marshmellow, and the green tint is Kiwi Cool-Ada from China Glaze.

That's it! We're finally caught up! Hopefully I can continue this tomorrow with day 15, "weak".

Inktober - Guarded

The prompt for Inktober day 13 is "guarded." My mind went to "chains" or "jail" or something similarly literal. Then I thought about another definition of "guard," and how fierce some animals can be to guard their herds or families, or in the case of my inspiration, their hive.

Bees will literally die to guard their hesitation! They are born with their roles, and they fiercely follow that to their deaths. So here's my tribute to the bees. May we all find someone as strong as them one day!

The pretty yellow base is Never a Dulles Moment (OPI), and the honeycomb pattern is done with Silly Daffodils (Misa). I pulled gold hexagonal glitter from my bottle of Rich in Opportunities (Sation) as well.

Would you rock a yellow manicure like this?

Inktober - Whale

I've been having a whale of a time with life lately! Plenty of good concerts, good football, good friends. Unfortunately, it's put me a day behind on Inktober, but I hope you can grant me grace there. Trust me though, all days will be accounted for, albeit a few days late.

Speaking of whales...that's the prompt for day 12..."whale." For some reason, Spongebob Squarepants has come up a lot lately? Random references from random pieces of my life that I can't really understand, but was perfect for this odd day 12 prompt. I used the Bikini Bottom floral designs as part of my whale nail art, and of course, the most striking "whale", an Orca (although they're not technically whales).

Pairing the whale with all these bright colors takes the killer out of its name. The base blue is Sunday Funday (China Glaze), and the flowers are some other China Glaze shades including That's Shore Bright, Highlight of my Summer, I Brake for Colour, "Sun's Up, Top Down", and an essie orange called Roarrrrange.

I have an idea for day 13, which is "guarded," so come back tomorrow to see if it pans out!

Inktober - Cruel

Thanks for your patience yesterday when I had to skip a day. I won't be "cruel" and keep day 11 from you any longer though, so check out my Inktober Day 11, "cruel".

This was a tough prompt for me, because I didn't really want something sad or upsetting to anyone. When I drove out to visit a friend earlier today, there was roadkill on the side of the road, and I got to thinking about how upsetting it is how animals are often treated; caged and bound. As I thought of caging, I thought of the perfect idea for "cruel"...barbed wire! And although the stuff itself isn't pleasant to be around, snaking it around my free edge as a funky French is more than pleasant!

Today's prompt for day 12 is "whale", and after having a whale of a good time tonight, I'll work on the design, but I probably won't get it up until tomorrow, which is technically day 13. Hang tight again...I'm having too much fun!

Inktober - Flowing

Inktober Day 10! I'm doing so well with this, and it's really igniting some inspiration I needed to restart the blog...thanks Jake Parker!

The theme for day 10 is "flowing" and I was really tempted to do some sort of blood art (remember, it's October), but decided on a water theme instead. So with the help of China Glaze, I put together some blues and painted some water droplets in a gradient of blue!

The colors I used, again, were all China Glaze, including Man Hunt, I Sea the Point, Boho Blues, and Dashboard Dreamer. Don't they go together so nicely?!

Tomorrow is day 11, and I won't get a post up for that day, but get ready for day 12, where I'll be posting both "cruel" and "whale".

I hope you're enjoying these short and sweet posts!

Inktober - Precious

I'm so sorry I didn't get a post up yesterday! I was literally at work from 8:30am to 10:00pm, so I didn't get day 9, "precious", up until today. You'll be treated to 2 lovely posts today though, as I'll post day 10, "flowing", later tonight! Set your timer to get both!

I knew I wanted to do some sort of crystal or gemstone for day 9, and I wanted some sparkle and depth. So I raided the polish drawers and found a few OPI glitters that were pure inspiration for this crystal nail art. Simple, but effective!

I used 4 OPI colors: Two Wrongs Don't Make a Meteorite, My Favorite Ornament, Shine for Me, and Black Onyx as the base. This look only took me about 15 minutes, but I love the contrast of the glitter against the black.

Day 10 is coming later tonight, so stay tuned for "flowing"!

Inktober - Star

My design for Inktober day 8 is not the most unique, and it's literally literal, but I adore it and it got tons of compliments!

This was a fun design to create too, and I can redo it with any colors. It needed to be a little Halloween-y though, so I used a really pretty orange from Misa called Shoot the Chute

I reached for my fullest and closest black and white, which are essie Licorice and Zoya Snow White, respectively. 

Now with this posted, I can start planning for tomorrow..."precious". Wish me luck!