Inktober - Bottle

"Bottle" is the prompt for Inktober day 18, and my mind immediately went to poppin' bottles of champagne. I guess I'm excited for New Year's Eve. But I've done champagne nails before (HERE), and this challenge was to challenge my creativity. So I thought about other bottles that weren't alcohol. I wound up choosing something that could be considered as big a vice as alcohol for some. Here are my pill bottle nails.

The beautiful orange base (Paz from Zoya) was pretty sheer, so I decided to make each nail its own bottle and added a white french tip on each nail (with Alpine Snow from OPI). The red on the pills is also from OPI...Got the Mean Reds. To add a little definition, I used Skull & Glossbones and Black Onyx (both from OPI).

I'm over halfway done with Inktober! So far so good!

Inktober - Swollen

The Inktober challenge is just way too much fun! It's pulling me outside of my comfort zone and forcing me to try new things every single day. I'm completely inspired, and tonight is something I've been wanting to do for Halloween for a while. I'm glad day 17 was "swollen." Not that the brain is swollen, but the folds in it always seem so...bulbous.

I love the way my brains turned out! It involved layering a few OPI shades to get some depth to the folds in the brain, including A Great Opera-tunity, My Vampire is Buff, Can't Read Without My Lipstick, Put It In Neutral, and Love Is In My Cards.

Inktober - Angular

I had really grand ideas when I started working on my first few fingers. There was lots of intricate, delicate, angular lines to make the theme for day 16. Then, as I did each nail differently, I flubbed up and got frustrated with one, and filled in the design, which led to what I ended up with! Happy accidents people, happy accidents!

The way the white lines up on my not-so-long nails gave them an extended look without the extension! No long hours at the salon trying to soak off these talons, they'll come off as easily as any maroon polish. My maroon polish is Floss Gloss Smoke On the Nail, and Alpine Snow from OPI makes the middle white talons.

This is an impossibly easy look, and I'd love to see someone recreate it!

Inktober - Weak

I wish I had the solution to weak nails. It seems that solutions fix for a while, and then it all goes to hell. But at least even my thin nails never look like THIS in real life. This is "weak" for Inktober day 15.

I used a few reds from OPI (Amore at the Grand Canal and Can't Read Without My Lipstick) as well as some Zoya nudes (Chantal and Cathy). My nails are barely holding together after the icy and early snowstorm Boulder got this weekend, but again, at least they don't look like this!

Inktober - Clock

It's sort of fate that on the night I need to post twice, the theme is "clock" and I feel like it's late enough at night that this day 14 Inktober nail art is exact.

This digital clock art just used 3 colors. The base is essie Licorice, the white is essie Marshmellow, and the green tint is Kiwi Cool-Ada from China Glaze.

That's it! We're finally caught up! Hopefully I can continue this tomorrow with day 15, "weak".

Inktober - Guarded

The prompt for Inktober day 13 is "guarded." My mind went to "chains" or "jail" or something similarly literal. Then I thought about another definition of "guard," and how fierce some animals can be to guard their herds or families, or in the case of my inspiration, their hive.

Bees will literally die to guard their hesitation! They are born with their roles, and they fiercely follow that to their deaths. So here's my tribute to the bees. May we all find someone as strong as them one day!

The pretty yellow base is Never a Dulles Moment (OPI), and the honeycomb pattern is done with Silly Daffodils (Misa). I pulled gold hexagonal glitter from my bottle of Rich in Opportunities (Sation) as well.

Would you rock a yellow manicure like this?

Inktober - Whale

I've been having a whale of a time with life lately! Plenty of good concerts, good football, good friends. Unfortunately, it's put me a day behind on Inktober, but I hope you can grant me grace there. Trust me though, all days will be accounted for, albeit a few days late.

Speaking of whales...that's the prompt for day 12..."whale." For some reason, Spongebob Squarepants has come up a lot lately? Random references from random pieces of my life that I can't really understand, but was perfect for this odd day 12 prompt. I used the Bikini Bottom floral designs as part of my whale nail art, and of course, the most striking "whale", an Orca (although they're not technically whales).

Pairing the whale with all these bright colors takes the killer out of its name. The base blue is Sunday Funday (China Glaze), and the flowers are some other China Glaze shades including That's Shore Bright, Highlight of my Summer, I Brake for Colour, "Sun's Up, Top Down", and an essie orange called Roarrrrange.

I have an idea for day 13, which is "guarded," so come back tomorrow to see if it pans out!