Where To Shop

I live in Boulder, Colorado (U.S.), so my purchasing availability may be different than yours. I do have a sister who lives in Southern California (near Disneyland) who has helped me build this list as well. Keep checking for more additions as they are found.


  • Salon Supply Store (online)
    • CND, China Glaze, essie, Seche, OPI, Gelish, tools, implements, products, salon equipment, display racks
  • Sakura Nail Supply (online)
    • 3D nail art accessories, nail art brushes (including the coveted Pure Color line of nail art brushes)
  • Nailsupplies.us (online)
    • Essie, Misa, China Glaze, CND, ORLY, Ruby Wing, Color Club, Sation, Barielle, Jessica Cosmetics, salon equipment, files, buffers, brushes
  • Beyond Polish (online)
    • China Glaze, Essie, ibd Lacquer, Jessica Cosmetics, OPI, ORLY, Seche, Zoya, gel polishes, nail care, acrylic, nail art tools, equipment
  • enails.eu (online)
    • International seller of OPI, ORLY, essie, Jessica Cosmetics, China Glaze, ibd, CND, Gelish, Seche
  • Born Pretty Store (online) - code for 10% off: C10X31
    • Nail polish, nail art decorations, tools 
  • Winstonia Store (online)
    • Brushes, dotting tools, stamping plates, glass nail files, studs, false nails, fimo, stickers, micro beads, striping tape, rhinestones, and other 3D nail art decorations
  • Head2Toe Beauty (online)
    • China Glaze, Color Club, Misa, ORLY, Creative, Essie
  • MyWholesaleFashion.com (online)
    • Nail polish (Kleancolor, Nabi, Profusion, Santee), nail decorations, stamping plates, nail glue, women's accessories
  • BigDaddyBeauty.com (online)
    • Nail polish (China Glaze, It's So Easy Stripers), gel polish, salon accessories
  • Amazon (online)
    • Most brands, stamping plates (Bundle Monster, Konad, Red Angel)
  • Nordstrom Rack (on site)
    • OPI, Savina
  • Sally Beauty Supply (online and on site)
    • China Glaze, ORLY, Finger Paints
  • Ross (on site)
    • Color Club
  • Walgreen's (on site)
    • Wet n' Wild, Essie, Sally Hansen, Sinful Colors
  • Rite Aid (on site)
    • Wet n' Wild, Sally Hansen, Sinful Colors
  • Target (online and on site)
    •  Essie, Sally Hansen, Sinful Colors, OPI, Nicole by OPI
  • Ninja Polish (online)
    • A-England, Cover Band, Glitter Gal, Hits, Jessica, Ludurana, Nail-Venturous, NerdLacquer, Ozotic, Picture Polish, Rivka, Up Colors
  • llarowe (online)
    • Glitter Gal, A-England, Hits, Ludurana, Ozotic, Lynnderella, Girly Bits, Picture Polish
  • Etsy (online)
  • TKB Trading (online)
    • Square, hexagonal, diamond and fiber shaped black and white glitter (a la Sticks and Stones and Connect the Dots)
  • Dollish Polish (online)
    • Dollish Polish polishes
  • bebeautiful (online)
    • CND, China Glaze, Cuccio Naturale, For Pro, Gena, Nail Tek, Orly, PINNACLE, Qtica, Essie
  • Shop the Nail Room
  • Nail Lobo Store
    • 3D embellishments, implements, salon accessories, treatments, gels and acrylic enhancements, Nubar, INM (recommended by Hey, Nice Nails!)
  • MKBeautyClub
    • 3D embellishments, China Glaze, Essie, OPI, ORLY, other nail products, acrylic and gel enhancements, supplies, spa products, NCLA wraps (recommended by Hey, Nice Nails!)
  • She Sells Seashells
    • 3D embellishments 
  • Hex Nail Jewelry
    • 3D embellishments by Hex Nail Jewelry
  • Dollar Nail Art
    • 3D embellishments

Glitter Resources

All of these glitter resources were added from Whitney at Elemental Styles's post, where she is selling her unused supplies.


For any Denver and Boulder area polishers, you simply must visit these beauty supply stores. They're actually quite close to one another, in the same shopping center. 


Here's some stores that are specific to Southern California, where my big sister lives and shares the affinity detailed in this blog.
Her favorites are in Garden Grove, Little Saigon area, in order (and straight from her email to me):

  • BeautyZone 
    • $2.50e for China Glaze (or $2.25e when you buy 6 or more) OPI was $5.50 when I went the first time, but I noticed the signs with pricing were ripped at the price area, so I don't know if that price has gone up or down. Orly $3.75. Essie is $4 I believe. Maybe $4.50. They sell gift sets (ChG and Orly) as well as CND like the Winter Collection 24K. They also have Jessica brand, lots of treatments and other various beauty supply needs. Mainly nails and polishes. Sorta hidden away by a 99 cents store in a shopping center, but nothing like the Skylark Center across the street! (Yes, they are literally catty corner from each other). Lots of open parking, easy to move around the store. Bring cash, as it's cash only before $20. Spend more than $20 (which, let's face it, is more likely than not) and you're good with a card.
  • Skylark  
    • I think ChG was 2.75, Orly was same price and OPI was only $4, but they only had like 2 colors (Katy Perry Not Like The Movies & The One That Got Away). Certainly not a large wall assortment like BeautyZone. They also have a small assortment of Orly, Essie and LeChat (Dare to Wear) polish. They have a HUGE wall of that weird brand you see in a lot of salons because it's super cheap. I think it's like S something. Not Savina, Saleen or something like that. I think those polishes are like $1 each, but they are CHEAP FOR A REASON! They are much more about tools and things for the salon like lights and dryers and mini fans and towels and plastic tips, than they are about polish. And the store smells weird :( The parking lot is a nightmare, there are people who just get tired of trying to find parking in a stall and just park on the curb. It's in a crowded shopping center, I really stress about my car being parked in the stall and not being damaged when I come back out. $20 limit for cards here too.
  • Planet Beauty 
    • They aren't a discount supplier perse, but if you sign up for their email list, you get 20% off every purchase. They sell OPI, Essie, some Orly, butterLONDON, Deborah Lippmann, and some have the Layla magentic polish. They also sell makeup like Too Faced, smashbox, bareminerals, and salon brand haircare (Redken, etc). Like a smaller scale Ulta. They are priced at full price, but if you have that email list, you're set with 20% off everything. Except if you do the buy 3, get one free nail polish promo. They say it's for OPI only, but I've combined polishes before. It ends up being cheaper for you to BTGO than the 20%. So if you have 3 polishes you want to buy, might as well find a 4th just for the hell of it. You can't combine that offer with the 20% off. But it's nice when you're buying butterLONDON or Lippmann to use that 20%. Especially when you're at The Spectrum here. Nordstroms sells both DL and BL at full retail ($16-18 & $14), but if you walk about 10 shops down the way, you run into Planet Beauty and can get the same stuff for 20% off! There are multiple locations all around California, I've been to 4 alone in my area! They used to be my go to for Essie's since it was cheaper than buying them at Target or Ulta, but now I'll wait for them to show up at the Vietnamese places.
  • Imperial Beauty Supply
    • I've also tried to go to Imperial Beauty Supply, but when I went there they were closed, even tho their hours said they should have been open.