Inktober Day 2: Wisp

 Apparently a lot of folks were asking what "wisp" meant when the 2020 Inktober prompts were announced. From my video game experience, I knew it was something whispy, almost ghost-like. So for today's manicure, I was inspired by a post on Instagram from @nailssjunkie. She had some long stiletto nails that worked wonderfully for the look, but I just loved it so much and thought it was the perfect look for "wisp". The smoky effect epitomizes wisp.

smoky black nail art gradient

It took a while to get this look. It was a lot of layering with wet polishes and acetone, but only required two colors. I used Act Your Beige (OPI) for the base and then painted wisps of Black Onyx (OPI) over it. Dotting acetone to blur out the defined lines created the smoky effect. 

Tomorrow's prompt is "bulky"...any guesses what that will be? 

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