Inktober Day 3: Bulky

 I'm excited to share this one. As soon as I heard today's prompt, "bulky", I knew I wanted to do a sweater. And I've been dying to try out the fuzzy sweater technique I've been seeing other artists do all over Instagram for a while now. Couple that with the new OPI Muse of Milan collection and its pretty fall colors and you've got yourself the perfect chunky sweater look!

chunky sweater nail art

The colors I used from the Muse of Milan collection are all gel. You could probably get the look from regular polish too, but it would take MUCH longer and I'm not sure it would have the same sort of 3D look. The colors I used are called:

  • Have Your Panettone and Eat It Too (pinky)
  • My Italian is a Little Rusty (thumb)
  • Complimentary Wine (middle finger)
  • Suzi Talks with Her Hands (ring finger)
  • Drama at La Scala (index finger)
To get the look, you need to first lay down the base color on all your nails by curing two coats of color, then wiping off the sticky inhibition layer. I also did a buff with a soft grit buffer, just to make it even less shiny. Then, with gel top coat, paint the sweater design, sprinkle clear dip powder on the wet gel, then cure. I did this in several stages so that my design didn't run into itself. After it's done curing, use a soft brush to brush off excess dip powder. Because you cured the gel and wiped off the inhibition layer from your base, the powder should only stick to your design and make it look fuzzy. Voila! 

I like the grey sweater nail on my ring finger the most. I'll probably do this look again because it's just so fun to play with. It's like a fidget tactile! 

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