Inktober Day 1: Fish

Welcome to my third year of Inktober! (To learn more about it, visit here.) I've loved doing this since I heard about it from someone I follow on Instagram. While it's actually meant for pen and ink artists, it is just such a creative outlet to try new things when I have nail artist's block. I'll be posting each day in October according to a list of prompts, and today's prompt is "fish". 

As you know from my post in April, I started playing the video game "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" to pass the time during quarantine. One of the aspects of its gameplay is taking your character fishing. When you fish in the ocean, you often reel in a sea bass, much to the dismay of players as its a very common fish. So I paid it some homage with today's design. 

fish nail art camouflage nail art
Inktober Day 1: Fish

I hand painted everything, which required a sea of mostly green colors, including:

  • Zoya: Ireland, Arbor, Scout, and Farah
  • OPI: Suzi - The First Lady of Nails, Get In the Expresso Lane, and Push and Shove
Except for the finger with the fish on it, I used a matte top coat.

I hope you keep up with this year's post, and if you follow me and are doing it yourself, tag me for a feature! 

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