Inktober - Poisonous

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw earlier today that I'm following a challenge unique for October, and actually not exactly designed for nail art, but practically meant for it - Inktober.

This challenge gives a prompt each day in October for artists and illustrators, all themed appropriately for the year's spookiest month. Here's a look at the prompts:

As you can see, today's prompt was "poisonous". Here's today's poisonous nails. Feels good to have nail art on my hands after a long, much needed break.

I only used a few polishes for this look. The yellow base for the danger skull is Funky Yellow (Kleancolor), and the green is TLC (Kleancolor). My black fingers are Licorice (essie), and the Uninhibited (LA Girl) is the black matte sparkle for my thumb.

Tomorrow's theme, tranquil, has me thinking, but if you have ideas, send them my way! I'd love to collaborate!


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