Inktober - Tranquil

I thought that all of Inktober was spooky-themed...I clearly didn't read it all. Today's prompt is "tranquil."

After talking to some clients today about the prompt, I decided to embrace the zen and om and peace of tranquility. I even shared the nail art in action on Instagram Live today, zenning out to my kind of music. Feeling the flow of it all, I did some wavy nail art surrounding the om symbol.

The beautiful off-white base is Murray Me (lakur), the beautiful blue is 1977 (lacc), and I needed to accent something with a great gold, Mega Bite from China Glaze.

Check out the live video (available until October 3rd) if you want to get an idea of how the waves were created, and stay tuned for tomorrow's prompt, "roasted."


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