Inktober - Cruel

Thanks for your patience yesterday when I had to skip a day. I won't be "cruel" and keep day 11 from you any longer though, so check out my Inktober Day 11, "cruel".

This was a tough prompt for me, because I didn't really want something sad or upsetting to anyone. When I drove out to visit a friend earlier today, there was roadkill on the side of the road, and I got to thinking about how upsetting it is how animals are often treated; caged and bound. As I thought of caging, I thought of the perfect idea for "cruel"...barbed wire! And although the stuff itself isn't pleasant to be around, snaking it around my free edge as a funky French is more than pleasant!

Today's prompt for day 12 is "whale", and after having a whale of a good time tonight, I'll work on the design, but I probably won't get it up until tomorrow, which is technically day 13. Hang tight again...I'm having too much fun!


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