Inktober - Flowing

Inktober Day 10! I'm doing so well with this, and it's really igniting some inspiration I needed to restart the blog...thanks Jake Parker!

The theme for day 10 is "flowing" and I was really tempted to do some sort of blood art (remember, it's October), but decided on a water theme instead. So with the help of China Glaze, I put together some blues and painted some water droplets in a gradient of blue!

The colors I used, again, were all China Glaze, including Man Hunt, I Sea the Point, Boho Blues, and Dashboard Dreamer. Don't they go together so nicely?!

Tomorrow is day 11, and I won't get a post up for that day, but get ready for day 12, where I'll be posting both "cruel" and "whale".

I hope you're enjoying these short and sweet posts!


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