Pumpkin Moons

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinners and that you have some stretchy pants in your closet for the rest of the year. I'm currently in bed, thinking about buying a legit pair of sweat pants...full drawstring and all. If the cuffs at the bottom are cinched like an old school scrunchie, even better.

Luckily, before my post-Thanksgiving-dinner-and-back-to-back-Black-Friday-workday, I did a quick nail art look. Nothing new, but the color combo was too pretty not to share.

That beautiful orange pumpkin color is OPI It's a Piazza Cake. The creamy moons (somewhat reminiscent of pumpkin pie whipped cream topping no) are done with Be There in a Prosecco from the OPI Venice Collection (as is Piazza).

Simple but striking, no?

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  1. oh I love this idea! I have similar to opi fnug fashion blogger and my vampire is a buff which is impossible to use in a regular manicure. I'm definitely going to repeat this mani of yours, thanks for the idea!



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