Un-BULL-ievable Skull

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Tonight's post turned out absolutely beautiful to me. What do you think?

Un-bull-ievable Skull by Katy @ Nailed It

I was inspired by two pictures I randomly stumbled across on the Instagram "Explore Posts" feature. The first was this pillow, shared by user phxflea. I liked the negative space skull a lot. Then I found another pillow picture (odd coincidence) by user ohhdeer. I thought that gradient would be a perfect backdrop for the negative image of the skull.

I can't believe I got such a great gradient using 5 colors...and the gradient only took 4 layers of sponging (which, if you've done gradients before, is pretty low). Here's a look at the gradient, sans-skull and pre-top coat.

To achieve the gradient, I painted these 5 colors on the sponge, in order from cuticle to free edge:

Five sunset gradient shades
Left to right: Zoya Portia, Zoya Chantal, Zoya Tiana, Barielle Ocean Breeze, and Zoya Natty
I didn't use anything under the gradient (besides base coat).

My other fingers were done with OPI Be There in a Prosecco, with little stud accents from Born Pretty Store.

After taking pictures of the skull, I thought I'd try a little outlining, to see how it looked. I honestly can't pick between the two versions because I like them both in their own way.

Un-bull-ievable Skull Accent by Katy @ Nailed It

Would you wear either of these yourself, or is it a little too out-there to pull off?


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