Sation Salon Shout-out Giveaway

Sation is offering a wonderful opportunity to fans of their polishes to get the Sation brand on the shelves of girls' favorite salons! In return, giveaways for some awesome prizes are being offered as well.

The new Sation Salon Shout-out gives fans a chance to introduce Sation to their favorite salons next time they're out for a manicure. In return for spreading the word, participants in the Shout-out will receive a variety of prizes, depending on their level of participation and the pick-up of the brand based on their referrals. Here is a complete list of the prize options:
  • All participants who provide salon referrals will be entered into a raffle to receive Miss' complete 'Candylandia' collection. Miss will randomly select three winners.
  • All participating bloggers will receive a six-pack of Sation for their support. If three salons pick up Sation as a result of your followers' referrals, you will receive a complete set of ALL Miss 2013 collections. (!!!)
  • If the salon picks up Sation, the participant who referred the salon will receive a set of products from Miss' new nail care line and a surprise gift ($100 value)
  • Salons that pick up Sation will receive massive exposure via our social media sites and marketing channels.
It's a bit unreal how awesome these prizes can potentially be. To make it easier for you to be entered to win all this swag, I've made a checklist of the steps you should take.

You need to make sure you provide all of the information, or you won't be eligible for the prize(s):
  • You must be a US applicant
  • Submit the information below by Sunday 2/17/13
  • Submit the information below by email to
  • Make your email's subject line Salon Shout-out
  • Include in your email:
    • Your name and e-mail address
    • The name of the blog you got the information on the Shout-out from (in this case, that would be mine: Nailed It)
    • The salon manager/owner's name you mentioned the Shout-out to
    • The salon's name, location (city/state), and telephone number
So, once you get all that squared away, you're set! You're more than welcome to do it for as many salons as you'd like! So if you want to make a day of visiting your favorite salons to spread the word, go right ahead! Or, you could just mention it the next time you're out getting a mani or pedi!

Salon owners will probably have a few questions for you about Sation, so here's some useful information to include that would sway their opinion in Sation's favor:
  • Their polishes are high-end quality nail lacquer (Source)
  • All Miss products, including the Sation line, are free of DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde (Big-3 Free) (Source)
  • Miss is only certified minority-owned and operated nail polish manufacturer in the United States (Source)
I've also created a page of small cards you can print out and take with you to the salon so you don't have to try to remember everything you need on the spot! Click the image below to enlarge and print.



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