Lime Crime Zodiac Glitter Review and Swatches - Part 2

I have good news and bad news tonight.

The good news is there's more glitter from the Lime Crime Zodiac collection to show!

The bad news is I still can't get this piece of glitter out of my eye. I was hoping it would make my vision change into rainbow-vision, but it hasn't. I still have hope though. Maybe it needs sunlight to really take off. Either way, it's lodged in my eye and I'm curious to see how long it takes to get out.

If you read my post on Monday, you already saw three of the Zodiac glitters and their accompanying nail art. If you haven't read the post, you should. Here you go.

I have three additional glitter paired with polishes for some loose glitter nail art. First is Aries.

I liked Aries a bit more than I did Sagittarius, because I liked the idea of a warmer pink, rather than such a neon pink. I decided to pair it with a muted color, Stranger Tides (OPI). The half-moon look with the glitter was too brilliant to pass up trying again, so I did that with more of an angled cutout. 

Next is Ophiuchus.

Silver holographic goodness. I wonder if their inspiration behind this out-there color is the fact that Ophiuchus is not typically included in anything concerning the zodiac signs. It's mysterious and unique. It's also not really related to the constellations the zodiac signs that appear in horoscopes are named for. In fact, none of them should really be called signs, since they don't related to the twelve-fold division of the ecliptic.

That's all paired with Caribbean from Savina.

Finally there's Aquarius.

What a rich glitter! I liked this color a lot more than I thought I would, and probably like this design the most after the half-moon. It also works really well with Where's My Chauffeur (Essie). It's almost like a volcanic eruption has forced the glitter out of my nails, spewing out at the tips. This is not a lava flow I would fear though, and might actually find myself drawn towards. Glitter lava flow...a drag queen's dream.

Once again, you can pick up all of these glitters, as well as the rest of the collection for $12.99, or you can buy the entire set of 13 glitters for $129.

You can do all sorts of fun nail art with loose glitter like these, and those from Monday night's Part 1.

These products were sent to me by Lime Crime. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. Love the angled cut-out! I need to try this next time. And I love your choice of color combinations. Well done!

  2. First mani is my fav! But I love all from the glitters!

  3. I'm with Eliz. I think the first one is amazing!

  4. I also like the first one best! Also in combination with the polish!

  5. Just a precaution, my husband works in a metal shop and frequently gets metal shavings of all types in his eye. Glitter is metal I think so you don't want to leave it there. It will rust ad believe me you don't want to know how they remove the rust from your eye. It has happened to him twice. Hint, they use a little drill. Get it out now!

    1. I appreciate your warning Victoria! I think I'm in the clear, at least in terms of it being a metal. The ingredients are polyethylene terephthalate and acrylate copolymer, both of which are plastics. That doesn't mean it wasn't irritating and couldn't disrupt the surface of my eye in some way though. It's less bothersome this morning, so hopefully my nighttime tears saved me from a morning of misery. Thanks again for the concern. :)

  6. That first pink glitter is gorgeous! And, I hope you get the glitter out of your eye soon!

  7. Awesome glitters! Rainbow vision sounds fun, but having something lodged in your eye sure doesn't! :(

  8. OMG How did you get the glitter in your eye? *.*
    You'll glitter your eye out kid :D
    Got to LOL @ rainbow vision. I think the world would look much better that way :D

    I like Aries the most in this post <3

  9. Aries + Stranger Tides = my favourite combo :)


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