Maisie Shine Polish Review and Swatches

I really like coherent collections, that make sense together outside of just their names. It shows that polish makers have put a lot of thought into the collection, and really tied everything together nicely.

This small sample of a collection I'm showing today is from Maisie Shine, and as you can see, it all blends together quite nicely.

Lindsey, the designer behind Maisie Shine, sent me three colors to include in my review of her polishes. The first polish is called Perception.

Perception is a deep teal with interesting and subtle purple shimmer within it. The shimmer comes out in certain light, and fades in other. The formula for Perception was very thin, and required 5 coats to reach this opacity. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be good as a nail art detail color due to its thin nature. It does work well on a base though, as you can see in the nail art I prepared tonight.

The next color, Splendid, also has shimmer in it to add some interesting depth. The shimmer is a very light gold, almost silver, but definitely gold. This formula was better, and only required 3 coats to get to where I wanted it. Again, not a suitable detailing polish for nail art, but another stunning base.

Finally,'s Friday Night! Out of left field, this glitter mix was unreal. I used two coats to get this awesome effect (over Splendid). This is a sick dark glitter and I love it! It pairs so well with the other two as well. If you don't look closely at the nail art picture above, you actually may thing it's a gradient, but that's just an optical glitter illusion. I really liked this one!

You can pick up any of these colors in the Maisie Shine Etsy store for $9 each.

These products were sent to me by Maisie Shine. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


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