Studly Stubs

Alliteration. It's hard not to use it. Look at my blog titles thus far. See a pattern? Of course you do, because it's alliteration. Alliteration is "the repetition of a particular sound in the first syllables of a series of words or phrases" and in my case, the first letter of the words in the phrase. "Pretty Pinks", "Glutton for Glitter", "Smooshed Skittles." I'm totally guilty of alliteration obsession.

It comes as no surprise then that today's manicure, while sophisticated and sleek, comes with another doofy title, "Studly Stubs." I may just make a thesaurus to reference when talking about hands, fingers, or nails.

The dark brown Get in the Expresso Lane (OPI) almost looks black both in the images shown, and in real life. There's such a small strip of it showing, and it's contrasting so vividly against the gold of Passion (China Glaze), that the rich brown flavor is lost. No mind though, I was going for deep and dark.

So, superfluous alliteration sidelined, is this sick? Would you want to wear it awhile? Would that damn detailing drive you daft?


Early morning edit. This next week, particularly Thursday, does not bode well for my skin or nails...


  1. Yes the details would drive me nuts-I would pick those things off so fast!!! And yes you are a dork with your alliterations!!!!

  2. I've said it on twitter and I'm saying it again: I love these! Just the perfect amount of studs. And the color combo is perfect!

  3. @Fingers Each nail was picked clean by around 3:00 PM. But oh the joy I received from the removal.

  4. These look badass!!


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