Holiday Sprinkles

Warm up the hot chocolate and the chai, it's Christmas time!

I got in the spirit today by decorating the office for the holidays. For those that don't know, Andy and I work together and live together. We're interns, but we've worked there just shy of a year. So tasks like decorating, planning parties and making lunch runs aren't uncommon at this point in our jobs. I consider it a perk most of the time.

Decorating for the holidays means putting up lights, trees and ribbon. The trees and ribbon were easy, but when it came time to put up the lights, there were hurdles. Hurdles meaning dead bulbs...meaning half-lit strings of lights. Zuzu says that every time a bell rings, an angel gets it wings. Well, every time a bulb burns out, a devil gets its horns and proceeds to royally screw up your next few hours.

Commence unplugging and plugging in of suspected burned out bulbs causing the lackluster light display. What do you get? Nada. Nothing great or grand or Christmas Vacation overkill. Just the same stupid lights, staying same stupid broken. :(

BUT! I refuse to Grinch out. So I took a little inspiration from Ashesela at Art Evolve and whipped together a rather easy and scrumptuous manicure, despite the ruined right hand thumb. Should've taken the advice I've seen that says never to use your nails as a tool. You'll also notice the festive red background instead of my usual black.

These holiday sprinkles are brought to you by Zoya Ginessa and China Glaze Twinkle Lights. It's one of the more simple manicures I've featured on my blog thus far, but what's the harm in that?

I dig it, and this is only the first of many holiday manicures waiting in the wing.


  1. Gorgeous and I loved your post! I was reading it out loud for my sister because I really liked how you worded the part about the evil bulbs and horns, and then I saw you mentioned me. :'D Thank you so much! ^-^
    Seriously though, great nails, twinkle lights looks great over Ginessa!
    Sorry to hear about the bulb woes; I freakin' HATE how they do that!!

  2. @Ashesela Oh you're so welcome! Thank you for the inspiration. Your manicure of today is also stunning.

  3. I absolutely adore these nails!


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