Chocolate Daisy Candies

Using these new little beads I got over the weekend should prove to be interesting, challenging and limitless. The ideas I had for these little beads wouldn't stop crowding my brain space. It was like fighting for the master bedroom in your first roommate situation! Nevertheless, I did finally decide on a design, though not happily. What you see is actually the result of my last ditch effort to get my idea across to a live environment. Originally, I wanted to use a deep red instead of brown for stamping, but the only red I had that was deep enough, didn't translate well on a stamp. The design I also wanted to use was not transferring well, and I already had plans to make pasta with Andy, so spending long on stamping wasn't a feasible, or desired option. (The pasta, by the way, turned out excellent. Homemade herb fettuccine...molto delizioso!) So, again, this isn't exactly what I wanted, but the mini beads were fun to experiment with.

The beige is Nomadic Nude from the Back to Boho collection (Color Club). The chocolate brown is Konad's special polish, and the mini beads are from Michael's. The flower pattern is from BM16, a plate whose designs are too small for my thumb, which isn't an excessively large thumb. Its cameos have been sparse lately due to their cold weather damage. I thought I'd spare you the carnage.

The best part about this is the texturized surface my nails take on. If you've ever had braces, it's like rubbing your tongue along that top row of freshly banded braces, before they wear down from normal munch and crunch. That time when the metal is still sharp enough to make you think twice about digging in to get excess food out from under the brackets. As appetizing as that sounds, don't dismiss their use. Nails also work very well as scratching surfaces with these beads on.


  1. I really love this design-but like you said-I can see the beads catching on things or me picking them off. I have a weird thing about rubbing my nails and hate it when they aren't smooth. One of the reasons I dont do glitter!

  2. @Fingers They actually don't catch on anything. The top coat applied over them smooths them out so they're not jagged at all. They do stick up off the nail, and I can see where someone would be tempted to pick them off, but it's so worth it, they're so fun!

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  4. I love these things in the different colors. The ones I have in colors bleed though..... Did these bleed when you applied a topcoat? Mine seemed like after a couple hours they lost their color. :(

  5. @~Leslie~ Do you mean the colors I stamp with? If so, sometimes they do streak when I apply a topcoat. The trick I've found works best is to quickly swipe on a layer of fast drying top coat. Don't do more than two strokes, and do them quickly, with as little pressure as you can. Usually the color holds well if you can make it past the top coat applying stage.

    My favorite top coats for stamping are Color Club's V!vid and China Glaze's Fast Forward Top Coat. They both go on quickly, dry quickly, and don't seem to streak too much.

    Hope that helps!

  6. These are awesome! Love the colors and the bead rhinestones were the perfect last touch!

  7. I meant the colored beads, sorry I should've been more specific! Lol


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