Housesitting Haul

They see me haulin'
They hatin'
Patrolling they tryin' to catch me spendin' money

That was my first attempt at blog rap. It probably won't be my last, but it will probably be the worst. Don' hate!
I told you I'd show you my amazing haul from this weekend and show you I will. In fact, this may be the only picture post for today. I had to work late and after not being home for several days, I mostly feel like relaxing and doing nothing. After looking over my wins from this weekend though, I may have to try something.

First up is the polishes I scored, all under $10. The most expensive of the polishes was the 4 pack of mini Essies, which was $9.99 before tax (a surprising find at TJMaxx.) They also had a mini 4 pack of the wedding collection, but those colors didn't scream at me like these did.

Eh...did I score or what? I got both Back to Boho collections from Color Club (thanks Ross). My Savina's were picked up at Nordstrom Rack, and sitting next to each other there in the picture makes me want to pin them together. The Essies are from the latest summer collection. They're babies, but I don't mind. The two OPIs were also picked up at Nordstrom Rack. I've seen I Lily Love You there for a while, and never liked it much till I saw another girl layer it. Shoot...had to buy it. The other one just seemed really unique and pretty.

The other part of my haul (that is worth mentioning) is a little different. Definitely not your typical manicure essential, but after seeing Sam at The Nailasaurus use something like these for her Inspired by Fashion post, I knew I needed some. I headed over to Michael's and found some in the scrapbooking/memory book section. At first, I only saw the Martha Stewart version which was twice as expensive, but then I saw these for $6.99 per package and literally started smiling. Nice try Martha! You can bet that there will be plenty of posts with these.

They are SUPER itty bitty. I tried pouring a few out on my backdrop to get a closeup, and when it came time to clean them up, I gave up and used some tape to get them all corralled.

It was a fun mini-challenge, but I honestly can't wait to try these babies out! What would you guys like to see most?

I also have three collections of polish I want to use for a giveaway when I gather some more followers, but I won't post those yet.

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  1. Woah! Those tubs of bullion look amazing. I'm going to have to check in the craft store next time I'm close


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