Julia Dreams Floral Poppy

I can't even begin to talk about what has happened in the last few months for me, but I'll spare those personal details. Of course, we are all experiencing the global pandemic that is COVID-19, and for many of us in the beauty profession, that means we're out of work. I've temporarily been furloughed until the all clear is given that I can safely work on my clients again. That means a lot of time at home. A LOT. And while it's been nice to fill that time with projects here and there, it's also been filled with a lot of snacking and admittedly, drinking. So, to help curb that vice and keep this blog full of material, I've committed to posting more nail art, starting with today.

The colors I used for today's look are mainly from OPI: My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It. The black accent is Black Hole from INM. You'll recall from my Inktober 2019 posts that its become my favorite black for nail art.

nail art julia dreams floral poppy
Julia Dreams Floral Poppy

The design I snagged from a floral pattern originally designed by Julia Dreams. She has some excellent repeating patterns, and since today was so nice and sunny, I thought this was a nice cheerful Spring look.

Also be sure to check out my Instagram. I recorded a video of me doing one of the fingers. The original video is just over 10 minutes, so that gives you an idea of how long my designs tend to take me.

Stay safe, and stay home everyone! The better we are about containing the spread, the quicker we'll be able to be with the people we love. #StayHome


  1. Self-employed folks or small businesses are going to be hit the worst. Try to keep up your spirits because this will pass, hopefully sooner than later.

  2. Oh this looks really good :-D


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