Inktober Day 31: Ripe

It's the last day of Inktober! I successfully completed 31 days of nail art and it was AWESOME! Which day was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

For day 31, the prompt is "ripe". If you're an avocado lover, you'll understand this look. Avocados have this way of being so delicious, but only for about 1 day. Right before that, they're tasteless and a little too hard to enjoy. Right after that, they just taste rotten. It's sad when either happens, but it's delicious when it's perfectly ripe.

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Inktober Day 31 - Ripe

These ripe little buddies were done with a variety of greens and browns, including Black Onyx and A-Piers to Be Tan from OPI, Jace, Arbor, Tracie, and Desiree from Zoya, and Emerald Tower from lakur.


  1. Gorgeous! I've enjoyed every single look this past month, and have marveled at your skill! Some of my favourites are Ride, Ancient, Sling and Overgrown. Can't believe you also manage to do all detailed designs using regular polish, for me it dries much too fast..

    1. Aw thank you so much for the feedback!

      What I’ve done a lot with nail art is to mix in a brush’s worth of acetone when the little blob of polish starts to dry out on my palette. Then it’s nice and wet to work with! It’s bad to do to a full bottle of polish, but to loosen up a little bit of goopy polish, it works wonderfully!


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