Inktober Day 8: Frail

Now before someone bites my head off (a la black widows) for using a spider web as the design for the prompt "frail," realize that I do know how strong spider webs actually are. But they're so wispy in the wind and when you walk through one that's strung itself up over night, it shatters and gets caught on every inch of exposed skin. So they're frail in the power.

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Inktober Day 8 - Frail

I used Danielle (Zoya) for the pretty purple base, and added a rhinestone to the abdomen of the creepy spider. The detail was all done with INM's Black Hole. That black is quickly becoming my favorite for nail art. It doesn't dry quickly like some other black polishes, so I can dip into the same splotch on my palette a lot longer before it dries up. I recommend it for any newbies who need a good detailing black.


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