Inktober Day 7: Enchanted

What comes to mind when you hear the word "enchanted"? Is it whimsy? Is it magic?

I certainly thought of pretty things like unicorns and fairy god mothers when I first heard the prompt for Inktober day 7, but then I brainstormed a little outside the box, and realized that something that is enchanted might come from a less positive light, and my mind landed on a poison apple.

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Inktober Day 7 - Enchanted

I was also digging through drawers of polish, sorting through unused polishes I could put up as a gift for a non-profit, and came across some glitters I'd long forgotten about, like Frankenstein Spit (from Jindie Nails). That's the glitter on the majority of my nails, laid over Go Overboard (essie). On my poison nail, the base is But of Corpse (China Glaze), and the apple is Sheri and Desiree (Zoya).

I'm glad to bring out the spooky, even with a prompt that initially sounds more whimsical.


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