Inktober - Stretch

Apologies for being behind on Inktober. I had a great Halloween weekend celebrating with friends (check out my Instagram to see my creepy Jigsaw costume) and I've been doing my homework to drop off my ballot, so I took some days off of the prompts.

Today I'm coming back to you with "stretch" for day 26. I thought that maybe I'd do a yoga pose, or a cat's silhouette, but then I got rubber bands in my head and couldn't shake them. So here's some little rubber bands for day 26!

The base is Act Your Beige (OPI), and I used 4 essie colors for the bands: Roarrrrange, Strut Your Stuff, Snap Happy, and Ruffles & Feathers. To get the depth on the bands, I either mixed black or white with each shade to make it darker or lighter.


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