Inktober - Prickly

I grew up in the desert, so I needed to do a cactus for Inktober day 25 ("prickly"). There's a little joke in there too, if you pay attention to the finger it's on, and the shape of the cacti.

That gorgeous neon green is Electro Kush (Hail Nails), and the cactus background is My Vampire is Buff (OPI). I topped my middle finger cactus with Dixie (Zoya) and planted it in the dusty color Don't Pretzel My Buttons (OPI).

As I'm winding down into the last days of Inktober, let me know if you've had a favorite so far! I'm curious to know if many people even read this. Thank you to those who do! <3


  1. I've really enjoyed all of your manis for this challenge! Flowing and Chop are two of my favorite looks.

    1. Thank you! It has been a blast! There’s a few more coming.


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