EDC 2016 Nails

A close group of friends and I annually go to one, if not THE, biggest music events in North America, called The Electric Daisy Carnival. EDC brings the world's most talented DJs together in an event you can't even begin to wrap your head around. To get an idea, check out Under the Electric Sky, a documentary on the event.

We partake in the Las Vegas event (the main one), and to see how the community EDC creates can foster such happy people and good music is pretty amazing. If you ever have the chance to go, and enjoy dance music, do it!

In the past, I dressed up in some pretty ridiculous costumes, but that's tamed down a bit as I've gotten older. What I lacked this year in costume though, I made up for in nail art, as you can see by my EDC nails!

EDC Nail Art by Katy @ Nailed It www.blognailedit.co
Left Hand
EDC Nail Art by Katy @ Nailed It www.blognailedit.co
Right Hand
I dug deep into my massive polish collection to get the right effect for each nail. I used a lot of colors from ORLY's PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) collection, and the glitters on my thumbs were both Color Club minis (British Invasion and Neon Static).

The owl on my left hand's middle finger is the symbol for EDC. Each year, the stages represent him in a different way, but that particular design I did based on a sticker that came with the tickets. The daisy reference is also pretty obvious on both hands, although my right hand didn't get as much detail. I'm not fully ambidextrous.

If you have any questions about the techniques used for these looks, feel free to comment below!

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  1. Regardless of the event, this is such a gorgeous mani. I love that owl nail, you did a great job. Have a fun time at the event.
    Vicky xx


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