I Love Winter Nails

Are you looking for a good winter nail look that doesn't involve red and green? I've got the perfect compromise...but only if you live in a snowy environment. If you're enjoying 70 degree days in Florida, then you're on your own, and none of us feel sorry for you.

Here's my cutesy "I Love Winter" nails!

I Love Winter Nails by Katy at Nailed It www.blognailedit.co

I Love Winter Nails by Katy at Nailed It www.blognailedit.co

I got the patterns from this vector set created by Creative Market user, InnaMoreva. How cute are they?!

Here are the colors I used for this look:

  • China Glaze - Dandy Lyin' Around
  • China Glaze - Feel the Breeze
  • Duri Cosmetics - Lady in White
  • essie - Licorice
  • Zoya - Lillian 
I hope everyone's enjoying winter!


  1. I thought these looked familiar, I downloaded those too! Haha, very cute!

  2. Absolutely the cutest winter nails I've ever seen <3 I'm totally in love <3

  3. Winter... I won't tell you how hot it currently is in Australia.. but here's a hint... H.O.T! :) I love the pastel colours you used x

  4. Jealous of those details! Beautiful nails :)


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