Nigiri Nails - Sushi Nail Art

When I was in college, I had my first experience with sushi. The guy I was dating at the time took me to a nice sushi restaurant, and told me he'd take care of the ordering, since I was new to sushi and all.

We had nice conversation, and I indulged in a big bowl of salty edamame. He directed me to put a little wasabi in my soy sauce dish, but after learning from a prank in high school that wasabi is actually nothing like guacamole, I politely declined. I'd been looking forward to trying sushi all day, so when it arrived, I could hardly refrain from eating the whole plate while the waiter explained what each row of sushi was.

I grabbed my first piece, doused it in soy sauce, then I'm sure the color of my face changed from a sun-kissed California glow to a solid wasabi green. My date had ordered us a nice big pile of octopus. If you've never had tastes and has the consistency of an eraser.

Not surprisingly, I didn't try sushi again for a long time. Luckily, my now boyfriend insisted I retry it, and I've been hooked ever since. I'm still not a big fan of octopus though.

In honor of my traumatic experience, I did some sushi nail art!

Sushi Nail Art by Katy at Nailed It -

I painted each little piece freehand, using this pattern I found on Flickr, which according to the Flickr user, is from the book Yoko by Rosemary Wells. I rummaged through my collection to find just the right colors for each piece. Here's a list of them all:

  • Zoya - Wednesday
  • Misa - Peach Passion
  • Sation - Magic Mani Bus
  • Sation - You're My Lacquer Charm
  • essie - Roarrrrange
  • essie - Blanc
  • essie - Licorice
Now I'm hungry...


  1. Hahaha, what a great story! Such cute nails too!

  2. I'm so glad you to got to retry sushi again and fell in love with it! I'm a huge sushi fan so these nails make me so happy to look at :D You did an amazing job, super cute manicure! <3 xx

  3. I admire your strong interest in trying sushi in college. Even more admirous you tried it again after the octopus experience (what a turd of a date!). I'm all for rice which is common to all sushi. But after learning that many types of sushi also use raw fish, I just can't get my appetite to go there. Let alone sashimi which is raw fish (sometimes other meats according to a little research I just did) without even the benefit of rice. When I find myself confronted with an all sushi menu (and after scouring it to make sure there isn't another way towards food like sesame or teriyaki chicken), I've learned to order at least inari (which I love). After that, I carefully pick Westernized sushi versions like California rolls and pat myself on the back that I can at least eat the seaweed used as the wrapper in most sushi. You know what else doesn't taste like it looks? Well-creamed horseradish sauce. My experience with that was at a nice dinner thrown by a company I worked for during college. Everyone had the same meal: a big plate of beautiful prime rib and a baked potato. I love baked potatoes, especially with sour cream. Which is what I thought the horseradish sauce was. I didn't know horseradish was the usual accompaniment to prime rib (why, I still don't know). But a big forkful of baked potato with a gob of horseradish sauce on it sure makes you drink a lot of water. I know that now. A lot. Loved your story and such a cute mani!! :)


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