It's Fall Y'all - Leafy Patterns

Though the temperature of Fall isn't my favorite, the colors of Fall collections are pretty major and chic. I was inspired by these, and in particular, a leafy pattern designed by an Etsy creator, Eloise Renouf. I riffed almost entirely literally on her design for today's nail art.

Obviously this design called for plenty of colors. I pulled the following colors (and teased you about it on Instagram earlier here):
  • For the pinky: OPI - Black Onyx and Cacee - Whitely
  • For the ring finger: OPI - Cement the Deal and essie - Blanc
  • For the middle finger: Black Onyx and LVX - Militaire
  • For the index finger: OPI - Kiss Me I'm Brazilian and Black Onyx
  • For the thumb: OPI - A-Taupe the Space Needle and Blanc

I really love the middle finger the most...which one's your favorite?


  1. What a beautiful design! I personally love the pink nail - this would make all the colours wearable for me because warmish autumn tones don't go with my clothes or my skin.

  2. Beautiful! I can't pick a fave, I love them all!

  3. These are gorgeous! My favorites are the index and pinky fingers. The patterns on the leaves are absolutely stunning.

  4. Such a nice and colorful fall manicure. <3

  5. I honestly can decide which one I like best but this is such a beautiful manicure and a really unique and interesting take on fall nails - I really love that you've mixed things up in such a way :D xx


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