Color Club - New Poptastic Swatches

Fans of the old Color Club recognize the brand by its square bottles with the little daisy symbol and cheap prices, often spotted (at least in the US) at bargain stores like Ross or Marshalls. You probably also recognize one of the brand's most popular collections, Poptastic. The collection features awesome bright neons (and was actually the collection that got me into Color Club in the beginning).

Well with Color Club's new look comes 6 exciting new shades in the Poptastic collection, which I'm reviewing for you today! The new shades are all neons with shimmer. Absolutely stunning - and all in two coats (without any white beneath).

First let's check out the nail art I did for it. I'm calling this the "lava lamp mani", because the way the blobs run together without joining reminds me of a lava lamp.

Admit had a lava lamp...and you wish you still did. Mine was red, which looking back, kind of reminds me of blood. Creepy...but I'd still turn it on.

I got the idea for this technique straight from a tutorial by My Simple Little Pleasures. She's calling it a "blobbicure" which describes it quite nicely as well. To learn how I got the look, watch her video!

Ok...let's look at the new Poptastic colors!

Bell Bottom Babe (2 coats) - This shimmer is a dark periwinkle with purple-magenta shimmer. Super unique, and actually a fan favorite of Color Club staff (more on that when the Cosmoprof posts go up!)

Foxy Mama (2 coats) - A neon orange with yellow-gold shimmer. I tweaked the colors on the nails to more accurately match the color, but it's still not neon enough. It's highlighter orange in real life.

Kapow! (2 coats) - There are two neon pinks in the new Poptastic release, and Kapow! is the cooler of the two. Its shimmer is blue.

Not-So-Mellow Yellow (2 coats) - Though this color was a little bit goopy, it's still a favorite of mine. It's really neon, definitely along the same highlighter lines of Foxy Mama. Its shimmer makes it almost neon yellow-green.

Peace, Love & Polish (2 coats) - This is the other pink in the 6-pack. You can see how it's warmer. The shimmer in it is gold, which gives it that warmer glow.

Right On (2 coats) - Oh god what a neon. This is a magenta purple with blue shimmer. I know how hard it is for companies to nail neon purples, and although it's not the purple neon creme we're all dying to find, it's pretty astounding nonetheless.

In addition to these 6 awesome neons, Color Club has a line of Poptastic Remix toppers, which are neon matte glitters. I'll be reviewing those for you soon as well. In the meantime, you can pick these up wherever Color Club is regularly stocked, or online here.

The products in this post were sent for review purposes. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. The lava lamp mani is so eye-catching and neat. Love it!

  2. These looks so pretty - I love the shimmers :-) Bell Bottom Babe and Foxy Mama look immense :-D

  3. This could easily transform into Monarch butterfly wings too. (Black base, orange, yellow, white.) I love how you can view one person's mani, take the technique and metamorphose it into something even more beautiful.

  4. Beautiful swatches!!!! The lava lamp nail art is fantastic too. :)

  5. I'm into the blobbicure concept - gotta try it!

  6. Lava lamp blobbicure - I looove it. Maybe because I STILL have a lava lamp in my bedroom and I'm over 30! *yikes* :P


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