Valentine's Day Caviar

Happy Valentine's Day readers!

Here's a little morning delight, V-Day style.

I did an OPI gradient with Chic from Ears to Tail and My Vampire is Buff, and adorned all my nails with little silver bullion beads formed into lovely tiny hearts.

Enjoy your day! I'm definitely enjoying mine!

Last night, I finished my last class in nail tech school! I'm officially graduated, and ready to take my boards! It's been a journey, and I'll post my last #NailTechNailedIt post soon. In the meantime, celebrating is in store!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I LOVE how delicate this look it. Really gorgeous. I can never get caviar beads to look good for more than a couple of days >:( And congrats on finishing school!!

    1. We'll see how long it lasts. You'll like this...I used a gel top coat!

  2. Ooooh! Your gradient is perfection. :) And the beads are a perfect accent! <3

  3. This manicure is so sweet and delicate looking. Love it!

  4. Omgsh, so pretty!! I love the colours you chose.. and the hearts are adorable <3

  5. i absolutely adore how delicate this gradient is )
    thumbs up ))


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