This Week on Instagram

Sometimes I make nail creations that I don't blog about, but I do share on Instagram, and I've decided to do a recap of it every now and then here for you.

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A picture of my nail school diploma!

I got this great organizer from Hautelook. It's gorgeous on my desk, and once I organize it fully, I'll share a final picture (or video?) with you all.

Here's some of my practice galaxy nails. Ultimately, my final result looked best, but here's a look at my first tries.

My school exit interview nails. This is OPI I Theodora You.

Last weekend, I did these houndstooth nails before going out. I used The Crafty Ninja's tutorial.

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  1. I Theodora You is one of those polishes that I'm so glad I have. It's such a good go-to for a lot of occasions. Congratulations on finishing nail school!

  2. Congratulations for finishing the manicurist school, your super talented!

  3. Congratulations on finishing your study!


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