Gold Chain Born Pretty Store Review

Remember my chain nail art tutorial? Well that's a 2D look that you can get with any two colors.

But if you want the true chain effect and you really want it to pop off your nail, then you might consider getting an actual chain to attach to your nails!

Born Pretty Store (BPS) offers several varieties of chains, and today I'm reviewing the 1.6mm gold chain for you!

This chain is 100cm long (about 40 inches), and quite small (1.6mm), running at $2.99 (and their always-free shipping). Use my coupon code, C10X31, for 10% off!

The chain comes in a teeny ziplock bag, but it doesn't come out all tangled like necklaces tend to be.

To apply it to your nails, I recommend using a dab of nail glue, at least on the ends of the chain. To place it, apply it to still-wet nails (I prefer to apply it to the top coat layer rather than the polish layer) so you can position it properly. When it has dried, to being almost tacky, carefully lift the each end with tweezers and dab a bit of nail glue. This will keep your chain in its position, but you can always use more glue if you plan on roughing up the design. And let's face it...this kind of look is begging to be roughed up a little. Rawr!

I'm obsessed with letting the chains hang off my nails in different ways like I've done for this look. It's odd, and not necessarily appropriate for all occassions, but's awesome!

The colors I used for this look included Sun of a Peach (China Glaze) and Stranger Tides (OPI) with lines of Black Onyx (also OPI). I also did some cutouts of my bare nail.

Which finger do you like the most? How would you wear chains? I've seen some fabulous designs, including Sammy's looks, Lexi's take, and Whitney's! I have another review of a silver look coming soon too.

Thanks BPS for the chains!

Pick your's up here, and don't forget to use the coupon code for 10% off.

These products were sent to me by Born Pretty Store. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. I think I like it, but I would probably end up playing with the chains and ripping them off in about 8 seconds. I love the gold against the colours though!

    Also, your BPS coupon image is so cute, did you make it? :)

  2. Love these colors together! Also, those chains are amazing, even if they wouldn't last long on my hands without getting torn off, haha.

  3. Cool combinations with the chains. Seems very versatile!

  4. Love the dangling chain! I love Sun of a Peach...I also have Stranger Tides- I'll have to try to use them together sometime!

  5. Wow! Really different! I really like it a lot! I would play with the chains so much they would fall off within a couple hours I am sure, but it would still be an awesome couple of hours!

  6. I love chains on nails but I think I'd get really annoyed with all the dangly bits - either that or keep getting them caught on things and ripping them off.


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