AA Floral

I'm sure you've seen the floral designs by mrcandiipants recreated all over the place. Jumping on that band wagon, and equally as motivated by her love for American Apparel polishes, here's some American (Apparel) Floral nails!

This was an impossibly easy look to create. Simple tools and even shaky hand skills are all you need for the look. (I obviously did roughly outline the flowers with a striping brush and black polish, but even that can be messy.) I love the way you can just dab the leaves petals onto the nail without the perfection of some other designs.

Also check out that color combo! Peach and neon? This combo of nude/neon is really trendy right now, though it's going into pastels as it's technically spring. My neon is Neon Green and my peach is Summer Peach, both from American Apparel.

I'd like to accumulate all the American Apparel colors throughout my lifetime. Is that possible without going broke? Maybe I'll start a Polish Piggy Bank, and save up some money every day until I have enough for them aaaaallllllllll!


  1. So pretty, and definitely simple.. I love it!

  2. The color combo is awesome!! and the nail art is really cute :D

  3. I am a HUGE American Apparel nail polish fan!. It's the only brand of polish where I feel like I need to won every color. I'm a little less than halfway there with my collection!

  4. This is so different but so pretty and cool.


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