Nailed It's Top 12 in 2012

I'm back from vacation! I hope you all have been enjoying the guest posts as much as I have!

2012 is at its end, and since the world isn't over, I thought I'd share my top 12 favorite manicures, as many other bloggers have been doing. These are just my personal favorites, and I'm sure you have some of mine you have been adoring. I'd love to hear what your favorites are in the comments. You can easily view all the manicures in one big collage by viewing Nailed It through this URL:

In no particular order, here are my favorites.

A lovely and super simple manicure I loved wearing around. It popped so vividly on my nails both in the pictures and in real life, and it received a huge amount of compliments. I highly recommend trying this sometime!

This one's a doozy, and a more advanced and steady hand is needed to get crisp lines, but the end results are fantastic and unique! I will be trying this again sometime in different colors, and you can try too, as I've made a tutorial for it.

Unfortunately, my watermark placement on this photo has made it one of the most stolen images of mine, but I love the cartoon feel of it. The Lime Crime colors have also had a special place in my heart since I originally reviewed them in the post this design was featured in.

This design may not be for everyone, but it's certainly for me! I love the neon and the off-white tinged with grey together, accented by the 3D black rhinestones. I wore this to a salon and the gal actually asked me how to do it!

Native American Rug

The colors and the design make the final result of this manicure awesome. Another really simple design anyone can do, and I can't speak much more to it, other than to say I just love it!

Another popular image! It's so damn shiny too! I think this is the manicure that really made my collection of blues and golds grow to an unreasonable number.

I love this manicures to pieces! This was the manicure featured on the cover of Perfect Hair. I also say this is my first manicure done on both hands that I actually remember thinking to myself "Not too bad!"

An oldie but a goodie, this was my first favorite foray into detailed nail art, and I haven't turned back since.

I'm really proud of these nails, and I love the colors so much! This was unfortunately one of the only Christmas designs I could squeeze in before vacation. Maybe I'll do some unseasonable manicures in July.

  Tadashi Shoji Nail Art Competition

This is some of the best freehand work I've ever done, and I couldn't have been more proud of it in the nail art competition hosted by Tadashi Shoji. Though it wasn't chosen as the winner, it's a winner in my top 12 list!

A successful and stunning gradient is still something I'm trying to completely master, but this attempt was spot on. I love the starry night effect on the dark gradient background.

One of my first 'famous' manicures, and still a favorite today, I managed to create perfect little dots in an amazing pattern. Too bad I hadn't quite gotten the photography aspect down yet huh?

So there you have it!

Those were my most favorite nail art designs of 2012. It was a big year for Nailed It, and I only foresee more exciting things to come.


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  2. You have some really nice ones there :) I especially love the striped skittle and the dotty manis.

  3. The Lime Crime Drips are amazing, but then, most of your nail art is....! Have a great 2013, I'll be waiting for more beautiful designs! :)

  4. Great designs all of Them :)
    My favourites must be sweater and drip ones :)

  5. i love all your nail designs the starry night one is my favorite out of this bunch :)

  6. I cant decide which is my favorite between 'you dotty girl' and 'striped skittle gradient'...many of these looks are so adorable!

  7. BEAUTIFUL! I love them all so much.

  8. Gorgeous! I love them all, your so creative and talented!

  9. I love so many of these!!!!! Impossible to pick a favorite!!!!

  10. I really love the first one ! And for summer i think i'm going to try to do the striped skittle gradient.

  11. I just found out about your blog but this post is a proof of the reason I started following you, you do great stuff!

  12. Where do you find this thin striping tape? It looks so elegant and my favorite one is "Back to beautiful" - simple and elegant at the same time!

    1. Thank you! You can pick up a set of 12 different colors from Born Pretty Store. I also have a 10% off code you're free to use. It's C10X31.

  13. These are definitely some of my favorites of yours! I remember going bonkers over your Sation Christmas Sweater nails - they were amazing!!

  14. my favorite one is the one with black polish and gold tape on the tips - it's what brought me to your blog in the first place!


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