Megabright Megapixels

Have you ever heard of Jindie Nails? There's some awesome glitter in this Etsy store, and I picked up a rather large shipment a while ago.

One of the colors I liked most from the pictures in the store was a polish called Megapixels.

I thought I'd pixelate the look further by zooming in on the pixels as accent nails.

The colors I used include Megapixels from Jindie Nails of course, Hanging in the Balance (China Glaze), Sunshine and Pink Flip-Flops (Barielle).

Reminds me of sitting right up next to the TV just so I could look at the tiny squares that were forming the magical images on the TV.

Man it feels good to be doing nail art again!


  1. The accent nails look awesome !

  2. Really great idea to match the tiny glitter with large pixels.
    I must try that some day :)

  3. This looks great! Your nail art pixels turned out so crisp!

  4. Wow...this is just so cute! Love the colors!

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  6. Love them, these colors make me happy!!!

  7. What a fun idea! The glitter is so cute and tiny, it really pulls the manicure together :)


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