Malware Warning Issue

Last night a Facebook fan notified me that my blog was giving her a warning of malware when she visited.

Later last night I recieved an email from NuffnangX, a mobile blog feeder I recently signed up for, informing their users that the issues were arising from their code. Here's part of the first email:

Last night, some of our bloggers who have our NuffnangX code embedded in their blogs notified us about their blogs being blocked on Google Chrome. Since then, our team has been looking hard into our code to find the problem. We have gone through the site thoroughly and at this point, we suspect that while the site itself is clear, there may be cases where some blogs our users have added in their feed may be infected. We are taking steps to filter out blogs that may be compromised, and expect that our status will be restored with Google very soon.

Later on, we received another email:

Hooray! We've checked our systems, and there were no malicious code found. The latest updates from Google has also cleared NuffnangX as being a Malware distributor site due to the same reason. The malware warnings have already been removed and you can now browse NuffnangX and insert the NuffnangX code into your blog without running into any problems. We're not sure why this happened but we suspect the malware warnings might have been due to some of the blogs our users have added to their feed, which may have been infected.

To ensure this doesn't happen again, we are taking measures to not redirect users to blogs that may have been hacked. If you are using blogs, we encourage you to upgrade it because blogs hosted on are a common target for Malware distributors. 

We also advise all NuffnangX users to be careful which blogs they are accessing because NuffnangX is a blog aggregator and a tool to read blogs; it only hosts one line of summary and not an entire blog, therefore, it is unlikely that users would have been compromised by any malware from itself. We will also be integrating the Google Safe Browsing API into our system to filter out blogs which might have been affected.

So I just want to assure anyone that saw that warning that it is not actually my site, nor any links associated with NuffnangX.

If for some reason you continue to see a warning, please let me know immediately so I can research to find out where it's originating from and stop it.

Now back to your regularly scheduled nail art!


  1. YAY!!!! I can view your blog again =]

  2. Good thing I was taking a three-day checking-on-blogs break. I use Google Chrome and if I couldn't go on someone's blog that I wanted to I would've freaked out.

  3. Hey there, I'm getting a "Threat Detected" from my system anytime I refresh or view a post/new page of your blog. I use Firefox and Avast! Virus Protection. You asked to be notified, it's still happening :(

    1. Thank you for pointing this out again! I've removed the code that is suspect all together in the hopes that fixes it. Please do let me know if you continue to have issues.


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