Get Carried, Whirled Away in a Surreal, Creative Fantasy

I wonder if China Glaze purposely created the names behind the Worlds Away collection to be perfect for titling blog posts? I've literally included the name of four different colors in the name of tonight's post.

What polish names are those you ask? Surreal Appeal, Igniting Love, Creative Fantasy, and Escaping Reality.

I'm not sure how to describe the design behind tonight. I will tell you how it came to be though.

I've been working hard to incorporate all the colors from this collection into nail art. I'm really happy with tonight, and I owe it to the iPad Mini.

Luckily, my boyfriend just received a wonderful new iPad mini that he's letting me play with. It's a fantastic tool to create nail art on! I can doodle out all my designs, pick from an entire pixel palette, and go to town. It's a beautiful collaboration.


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