Holographic Holidays: Merry Madness

There are so many grumpy Christmas characters. There's the old standbys like Scrooge and The Grinch.

One of the less remembered but certainly no less memorable characters is The Old Man, from A Christmas Story. The loveable father that tries so hard but fails so often. From the clunky furnace to the flat tire, he just can't seem to catch a Christmas break.

This post has spoilers to that movie, so if you want to see it unspoiled, do not continue reading.

Bad luck and stupid decisions plagues this holiday classic from 1983, and I've gotten a few of those classic moments into nail art, beginning on my thumb with one of the most memorable parts of the film.

One of Ralphie's (the main character) friends, Flick, is double-dog dared to stick his tongue to a flagpole. He swears it won't stick, calling the whole idea stupid. Lo and behold, his tongue gets lodged to the flagpole upon contact, and his entire class watches on as the fire department and practically the entire town shows up to free him. Poor Flick.

The holographic color used for Flick's follies was Harp On It (Color Club). In addition, I used Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It, Jade is the New Black, Get in the Expresso Lane, and Sparrow Me the Drama from OPI, Movie Star from Essence, and Farah from Zoya. The base for each of my nails and all the black details were done with Purity (Zoya) and Black Onyx (OPI), respectively.

Ralphie's family is nothing short of hilarious. Even his strange relatives that never make an onscreen appearance have their moments. One such moment is when his Aunt Clara sends him an adorably terrible pair of bunny pajamas. Pink bunny pajamas, with little bunnies on each feet, staring up at him with their beady eyes. I had to immortalize that awful moment. Poor Ralphie.

The holographic color used for the bunny blunder is Electra Magenta from China Glaze. The other colors include Shelby and Farah (Zoya) and Desert Sun (China Glaze).

Swearing in Ralphie's family is a huge no-no, especially the F word. And no...it's not fudge. Dropping the F-bomb will land you a bar of soap in your mouth. And not Lux, Ralphie's personal favorite, but Lifebuoy, which left no piquant after-dinner flavor. Poor Ralphie. And poor Schwartz.

The holographic color used for the Lifebuoy soap is Halo-graphic (Color Club). The letters are written in Purr-fect Plum (China Glaze).

Now this next nail certainly isn't bad. It may be the only moment during the whole movie The Old Man is happy. After receiving a letter promising him a major award, he fantasizes about what it could be. Perhaps a bowling alley. When a "fra-geel-eh" box arrives and he pries it open, the look on his face is priceless. Perhaps more priceless is his dear wife's reaction when the prize is pulled out. The prize? A sexy lamp in the shape of a woman's leg, complete with black pumps and fishnet tights. The glow of electric sex was too alluring for me not to use for this challenge!

The holographic color used for the leg is Mega Bite (China Glaze). The shade is Solar Power, also from China Glaze.

Wrapping up the hand is the pièce de résistance. The one thing Ralphie dreams about throughout the whole movie. A Red Rider BB Gun. Well technically I'm showing you what happens after he gets it. Too excited to contain himself after finding his last present behind the tree, he dashes outside in his PJs to test the gun, and promptly knocks himself on his ass, losing his glasses in the shock. Blind as a bat, he goes searching for the missing spectacles, and is greeted instead by an unmistakeable crunch. His glasses lay shattered on the ground. Poor Ralphie. (Don't worry, an icicle acts as the scapegoat and he gets off clean.)

The holographic color used for this nail is Harp On It again, and the rims are done with Get in the Expresso Lane (OPI).

I absolutely loved this movie, and almost chose it as my Holiday Tradition post, but it seemed so fitting for the Merry Madness day.

What other kinds of madness give you the holiday willies? See Lindsey's at Neverland Nail Blog, and feel free to add your own using the InLinkz tool below. You can get the code to share it with your readers here.


  1. this is just beyond amazing! Love the leg lamp!

  2. Who hasn't seen this movie/?????? I am LOVING this

  3. Hey there, it's Jessica from BigDaddyBeauty.com! We were just talking about this movie here in the office. We absolutely LOVE this nail art! Awesome job! :)

  4. amazing nails <3 i love holographic nail art.
    great job :)


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