Holographic Holidays: Holiday Traditions

I suppose this post could also double as the Sweet Treats day post, but this is more of a tradition in my heart.

Everyone has something they always look forward to on Christmas. Whether it's a check from Grandma or a Christmas dinner, the white elephant gift or scones for breakfast, there's always something.

For me, it's got to be the chocolate oranges. Solid, milk chocolate shaped like an orange, that you're supposed to eat by whacking it as hard as you can against your counter, so it splinters into 'slices' of chocolate, like slices of an orange. There's a hint of orange in the chocolate, but by far the best part is the whacking part. The wrapper even says "Whack and Unwrap!"

The wrapper is a shiny orange metallic, and it comes in a distinguishable blue box. The brand is Terry's, though my little thumb didn't allow room for the S. Oops!

The holographic color I chose is Coral Glam (Layla). The orange slices were done using two OPI colors, A-Taupe the Space Needle and Get in the Expresso Lane. The blue on my thumb is Mesmerized (Essie) and I just used Purity (Zoya) for the lettering.

This day's one of my favorites because I love to read about all your favorite holiday traditions. Make sure to read more about Lindsey's holiday tradition over at Neverland Nail Blog!

You can add your own traditions using the InLinkz tool below and embed the code into your own blog using this link.


  1. Ah I love these things! They're so fun to whack =P! Great idea and awesome tradition!

  2. That sounds incredibly yummy, I wonder if they sell them where I live.

  3. I love chocolate oranges! Of course the slices always melt together in the heat but they still taste great. Cute mani!

  4. So cute! I gobble one up every season!

  5. I have honestly never tried one of these ^_^

    My favorite tradition was that my folks would always play with us with all our new things all day on Christmas. I do that now with my kids because it was always my favorite part of Christmas. Even now I have forgotten most of what I got every year, except for the ones I shared Mom and Dad.

  6. Mine is watching A Christmas Story laughing with my dad-my mom HATES it and then A Christmas Carol but it HAS to be with George C Scott-no other version will do.


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