Holographic Holidays: Belle of the Ball Drop

New Year's Eve is one of the nights I always look forward to all year long. Everyone's celebrating, everyone's happy, and it's a good excuse to get dolled up.

Tonight, the last day of Holographic Holidays, I dolled up my nails quite a bit. What an appropriate way to celebrate this shining week...with the most ridiculous mani I've done so far this week.

I give you....New Years Disco Ball!

For this, I used Blue Heaven (Color Club) and black matte hexagonal glequins. It's just too much glitter to deal with, but you better believe I left this one on as long as I could.

It's been a 'holo' of a week, but I'm glad I got to share these manicures with you!

If you haven't already, go check out Lindsey's New Year's Eve festive fingers at Neverland Nail Blog. Thank you for doing this with me Lindsey! It's been a blast!


  1. Wow, this design is great, but you have way more patience than me, lol. ^_^

  2. Just like you said, this would be perfect for new year's. Love the black

  3. woah, I would never be able to place the glitter like that, I'd get too frustrated. I do love the background holo color.

  4. I like this design! The holo background is perfect! :-)

  5. It looks cool but I agree that it is maybe a bit much. Maybe just a couple of accent nails? So how long did it take to do this??? And how long did it last? I may try doing a couple of accent nails. =)

    1. One hand took about an hour, and it certainly didn't last long. I always get rather picky when I wear glequins.


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