Guest Post from ChitChat Nails

The guest post below is coming to you today from the lovely Marta at ChitChat Nails. Though she'll tell you she had stage fright posting on Nailed It, there's no reason for her to. She has inspired me from the start. Her blog was one of my first to follow and think, "Damn...I wish I was that good!"

I present to you...Marta's post!

Hello Lovely Ladies,

My name is Marta and I run a little Canadian nail-art blog called ChitChat Nails.

*does a little happy dance*

I am so excited to be able to do a little guest post here for you! Katy continues to create trendsetting and innovative manicures that are always so crisp and clean. I will admit, that I had a minor case of the shakes and quite a bit of 'stage fright' and may have tried to overcompensate a little, and thus my look is a bit busier than what I am normally used to. 

I had recently placed a hefty order with and had a few studs and square glitter that I was itching to play with...I thought this would be the perfect occasion to try them out.

To create this look I started with two coats of my all time favourite off-white OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I then applied some square studs onto the accent nail. On the other nails I created a gradient using China Glaze Pelican Grey and essence Movie Star. I then stamped using Gals GA35 and Mash Black. A few square glitter bits in black and silver completed the look. One coat of Seche Vite, and I was done. *phew*

(the photos are posed with a silver bendy bracelet)

I hope you like this look, and I hope this Holiday Season finds you all well!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D



Thank you so much Marta!

Readers of Nailed It, go check out ChitChat Nails for more creative nail art. She's got some of the best skittle and accent nails around!


  1. Um, these are awesome. I adore the circuitry look to them. I know what I'll be trying after Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. These are awesome. I love her blog. The one thing you left out was that she has the most amazing photographs around!!!

  3. Awesome design! I love her blog as well :)

  4. I was so excited to see two of my favorite bloggers in one place!! This mani is so beautiful, sophisticated and "Marta!"

  5. Chit Chat Nails and Nailed It together?? Merry Christmas indeed!!! :)

  6. Awesome manicure! Amazing effect! :-)


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