Guest Post from Finger Painted

Happy (or is it Merry?) New Year's Eve everyone! I love New Year's Eve, as it always gives me a good excuse to get dolled up for no real reason other than to party!

For today's guest post, I thought the most appropriate nails were these ultra-blingy nails from Lexi at Finger Painted. I love these so much!

Hey everyone! I'm Lexi from Finger Painted. I was so excited to be one of Katy's guest posters! I wasn't sure what I wanted to do at first but Katy said she'd love something blingy and glitzy for New out came the rhinestones!

I used China Glaze White on White and painted the black shapes with acrylic paint. I sealed it all in with 2 coats of Poshé and then used some nail glue to stick on all of my studs and stones to make sure they stay put. The little black ones are from a nail wheel from icing. I was shocked they actually had some really cool nail art accessories! The larger silver stones are from Poochiez Nail Art Boutique and I don't remember where the other ones came from. Haha.

These were partially inspired by one of my new phone cases (purchased here). I didn't have the right colors stones to match it exactly so I just went with black and white.

Thats all for my post! If you want to come visit me I'm on Blogger, Tumblr and Instagram!

Thanks again to Katy for having me!


Oh Lexi that was fabulous! I wish I had time to do my nails like that for New Years!


  1. This is so bling-y and perfect for New Years! I love it!

  2. Super awesome mani (and cell phone case!!)

    Happy new year!! :D

  3. I shared to my Pinterest audience on What's New in Nail Art. :)

  4. Such a cool nail art! Black and white are great together. I don't know if I liked the pointy shape of the nail, but nevertheless I liked it anyhow just because that it's a bit unusual. :)

  5. Wow, this is awesome!! I found a new blogger to follow!!


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