Blog Crush: heartNAT & pshiiit

I have a few schoolgirl crushes on the ladies of the lacquer. My man would not be happy to hear about the dates I've dreamed of with some of these girls. Oh the polish we would share...the designs we would make...

I've combined the forces of inspiration behind from two polish crushes to create this shocking pink manicure (Flip Flop Fantasy from China Glaze, Goldie from Zoya and Sashay My Way from ORLY.)

The design's lifted almost directly from heartNAT's most recent manicure. After I took the pictures and uploaded them, I wasn't getting the same beautiful shine she had, so I decided to apply a filter or two, drawing from the overwhelming popular styles of pshiiit. Her pictures are adored by everyone, and obviously I didn't hit that target in quite the same way with my difference in lighting and background choice, but I liked this softer effect nonetheless.

The bows are just for femininity. I was certain that hot pink and gold wouldn't be nearly enough girly bling flair. Definitely needed bows.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, but it's commonly found among fellow bloggers. Just today, Salla at OMG! Polish 'em! drew inspiration from one of my posts for her own geometric jewel.

Sometimes the butterflies in my stomach when a lady crush's post makes its way into my feed won't be silenced, so I need to lay them down by just showing some love where I click 'Love'.


  1. "Inspiration comes from everywhere, but it's commonly found among fellow bloggers" ... I just published an attempt to reproduce your "running gradient" yesterday on my blog ^ ^ what you do is really beautiful and original :)

  2. It's very beautiful :)

  3. That is adorable, I love the little bows. :3

  4. Gorgeous! And I love how you wrote this :)

  5. Very pretty! I love the gold nails with the sequins/glitter/confetti :)
    ~Trendy Tips

  6. I'm so amazed anyone has a lacquer crush on me, let alone an amazingly talented, big-name blogger! I have so many of your manis on my Pinterest nail board. I'm kind of speechless, but I can say it's a wonderful feeling. I also have to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU because I have finally reached over 1,000 followers with some traffic from your post because I've been at like 990+ for how idk many weeks now LOL. I wish there was a way to put this post on my fridge, I love everything about it <3

  7. I know exactly how you feel- I have nail blog girl crushes too! I am currently working with my left hand and photographing my right and it's HARD. But is getting easier.


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