Model City Polish Jelly Review

I've seen plenty of jelly sandwiches on the web. It's usually a mix of glitter and some polish that's sheer to some degree. Recently, one of my fellow Lacqueristas approached me about reviewing some of her own newly created jellies from her shop, Model City Polish. She forwarded me four little bitty jelly bottles from her new collection to review.

This is my first time working with jellies that are this sheer...seriously sheer. Too sheer for my liking to be honest, but that's a personal preference. They require a lot of building to get a nice even color. Not necessarily a solid color, just an even color. You're not going to get a solid color with these. They're built to be sheer and clear...and under control.

Outside of my personal opinion, the polishes are relatively easy to work with. I was worried they would be too thick with all the glitter they're packed with, but that wasn't the case. These polishes also dried quickly. Of course, the more coats I added, the longer it took to dry, but one coat only took a few minutes. They actually dried a little matte as well, but the top coats I added shined them right on up.

Let's get to it!

First up is Yum Yum Bumble Bee. Appropriate name for a yellow polish with black bits. Shown is four coats.

You can tell how sheer it is because my nail lines are still visible. Except for my pinky, which is sad and pitiful after breaking off after a hike to the top of the flatirons. I apologize for its lack of length. This'll be good though, we can see how long it takes for a nail to grow back.

Next up is PB & J Nail Polish. I had originally wanted to use this for my nail art, but it didn't turn out as jellylicious as I'd hoped, so I used something else, which you'll see in a bit. I believe this was either 3 or 4 coats.

That's Ms. Cocky to You is the next jelly. I liked this one more than I'd expected. It reminds me of the sea. But not the real sea. The sea that you see in Disney movies. Ariel would swim all up in this sea. (Four coats.)

The final color is my favorite in the bunch. It's a pretty pinky red jelly and wound up being the contestant that won out for the nail art of this review: Strawberry Jam Polish.

This one had the best 'jelly' effect, hiding the glitter beneath it's color. That's what I look for in jellies, and it's the one that does it best. That's Ms. Cocky to You does it too, but not as well. This is four coats.

If you want to get the full effect of jellies, you really need to put them in a jam jar. That's exactly what I did with the nail art.

YUM! Looks good doesn't it? (Except for the pinky. Just stop looking at it.)

So that's Model City Polish jellies for you! Jellies aren't for everyone, just as the shoes weren't, but they do have a particular appeal and I definitely like a few of them, namely Strawberry Jam Polish and That's Ms. Cocky to You.

You can pick all of them up at Nina's Etsy shop, Model City Polish.

These products were sent to me by Model City Polish. The reviews are based entirely on my experience with the products and were in no way influenced by anyone.


  1. I LOVE Strawberry Jam...and your jam jar mani...oh, so cute! Love it!

  2. Those jars of jam are too cute, love them :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I had the crappiest day at work ever and this instantly put a smile on my face. :) thank you my sweet. Your little jelly jars made my day.

  4. Insanely cute! I'm feeling inspired :). Thank you!

  5. The strawberry jam jars is genius and adorable. I'm wondering how similar this pb&j is with pam from whimsical.

  6. I really appreciate that you are honest with your reviews instead of just saying "yeah, these are great, buy them!". I'm not in love with the yellow ones, but I would LOVE to own the blue one - it DOES look like movie oceans :)

  7. Haha my favourite would have to be -wait for it- the honey bee! I'm normally a blue-freak, but that yellow jelly is just too cute!!

  8. these are all SO gorgeous & lovely - i can't wait to get my hands on them!

  9. My favourite is That's Ms. Cocky to You :-) but Strawberry Jam Polish looks like real strawberry jam, amazing! :-)


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