Electric Feel

This week will prove to be sparse for Nailed It posts, so I apologize for that. The schedule holds two concerts, a double-header kickball game and some visiting friends. Nail polish has no choice but to take a backseat. I've set up my VCR to record my bottles' favorite shows so they don't get lonely while I'm away. The automatic feeder is set to dispense every twelve hours so they don't go hungry. I've also put a few extra blankets out in case the weather gets cold and the bottles start to clatter as they shiver.

No, not really.

I will be busy though, so here's a manicure that may have to tide you over until the weekend or beginning of next week. Both polishes are China Glaze: Flip Flop Fantasy and I Herd That. I added the chevrons with Black (Color Madric). Gotta love the trigger pistol accent!

Again, I'm so sorry that I'll be missing in acetone-action for a bit, but I promise I'll be having fun, and there are good things to come!


  1. Pretty and very clean! Lol I just did a trigger accent mani today myself!

  2. Beautiful trigger accent mani :D

  3. Very pretty! I really like the chevron nails :)

  4. Cute mani! Is the title in reference to the MGMT song by the same name? Either way, thanks, I LOVE that song and I'll be singing it all morning as I get ready for work! :)

    1. It is! I was listening to the Justice remix of it because I'll be seeing Justice at Red Rocks tonight. Seemed appropriate.

  5. Agreed, that song is stuck in my head now and these nails are super cute! I'm dying for I Herd That.

  6. haha I love the bit about the VCR, automatic feeder, etc!! At first I thought you were going to say you set up the VCR to record your shows, I was going to say you were kickin' it old school! haha
    also I like the trigger finger accent. I might have to try that!
    who are you going to see in concert?! enjoy your busy week!

  7. I love this Nail and I love your for give me inspiration :)
    sorry for my english, I'm french hihi

  8. The intro to this entry cracked me up. Sometimes I feel like I treat my polish bottles similarly to the way I treated beloved stuffed toys when I was a kid. This was especially true when I was moving house earlier this year. My dad came to help and at one point I warned him about lifting a particularly heavy box. He tested its weight and then said, "Emily, my goodness, what do you have in here?" It was all my polish, of course, but when he lifted the lid, he saw the lightweight item I'd put in the package for extra cushion that wouldn't add too much weight—one of the last stuffed animals from my childhood. She was in there with my polish—if I needed one box to arrive safely at my new apartment, that was it!

  9. Hi!! just join in! great photos I will try to copy the ideas to my nails, today I have them in a cherry color with one white flower sticker on my ring finger :D


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