Yodel Layla Yodel Lay

Wearing a true holographic polish really makes me want to yodel. Or try something else as equally ridiculous for me to attempt. Trying my hand at brain surgery after reading up on the Wiki pages? Hog-tie a darting calf in a crowded three ring circus? Acting as a Sherpa to climbers of a snowy mountain?

If you answered yes to that last one, then you would probably be using the term "Sherpa" incorrectly. Sherpa correctly refers to an ethnic group from the most mountainous region of Nepal. The people from these Himalayan regions are "highly regarded as elite mountaineers and experts in their local terrain"1. Not every "guide" on a mountaineering excursion is a Sherpa. It's a very small portion of guides, and only those from this region.

It's thought that "a portion of the Sherpas' climbing ability is the result of a genetic adaptation to living in high altitudes. Some of these adaptations include unique hemoglobin-binding enzymes, doubled nitric oxide production, hearts that can utilize glucose, and lungs with an increased efficiency in low oxygen conditions."2

If you answered yes to any of the other ones, you know me well.

So here's a true holographic...the yodel-inducing formula.

Jade Groove (Layla) and Connect the Dots (Lynderella).


  1. nice combo! i know how you feel, i just picked up two of the layla's tonight and i couldnt stop ooohing and aahing. i even made my boyfriend ooh and ahh with me!

  2. What a cool combo! Both amazing polishes!

  3. lol yodelayheehoo! :D These look great together! :D

  4. I appreciate the blurb about Sherpas, haha!
    Beautiful manicure, as usual.

  5. connect the dots always rocks!

  6. I really want the Layla holos! Just to let you know (in case you didn't already) I have to fill out a word verification every time I want to post a comment on your blog. All google blogs do this unless you turn it off. It would make it easier to comment if you turned it off :)

  7. Amazing! I love how this looks! I would never have thought to layer Connect the Dots over a holo!

  8. I LOVE how this glitter looks over the holo. I never thought to put a matte glitter on top of a linear holo, but now I'm going to have to try it.

    I've been willing the sun to come out to play so I an wear my new Layla, but its been rainy all week!


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