Pull Over Farah

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Onto the aaaaaaart (said in a deep, low, drawling voice, swirling a glass of wine or brandy, nose straight up in the air).

I wanted to use my dotting tools again. I love those guys.

The colors I used were Farah (Zoya), Cote D'Azur (Icing), and Pull Over (Sinful Colors). Ok, odd coincidence. As I typed that, an ambulance drove by outside somewhere, and the sirens echoed right into the windows. Cosmic voices from the nailiverse have spoken!

If you're around a Claire's, or a Claire's Club, or an Icing store, I recommend stopping in. While the formulas on the polishes are a bit lackluster, the colors actually are quite eye-catching. Plus, they're pretty cheap, and it's fun to relive your little girlhood with the goodies they have there. I went for the sole purpose of picking up Candy Shop, but wound up with four bottles of colors I was really quite excited about. It's worth the trip!


  1. Love the color choices on this! I know what you mean about Claire's, I went in for Candy Shop also and was intrigued by the mood polishes.

  2. Love the color combo, and the design is awesome, as usual! It looks simple but I know that it's not...you have to have a lot of patience until you put all the dots at the right place :)

  3. I love this! Must have taken lots of patience :)

  4. Love this! Design and color combos. :)

  5. Love the dotting! Looks so good :D

  6. I love these dots. The color combination is perfect. It actually reminds me of a yellow and blue tie I was looking at tonight in Dillard's. Lol!


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