Leopard Pistol Accent

I've been wanting to recreate this manicure since I first saw it at Marta's blog, ChitChatNails. Her manicure used different fingers for the leopard accent, as you can see here. I wanted to do my first two fingers as the accent nails, and I decided to start calling this type of pointer/thumb accent combo a pistol accent. Pretend like you're shooting a handgun. Which two fingers did you use? See...pistol accent!

The bright red I used is another score from the ridiculously cheap beauty supply store a reader pointed out to me near Boulder. It's Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It (OPI). It's soooo bright and I'm thrilled it's part of my collection. I have one other red that comes close, but it's not bright with that orange-red feel.

The base for the accent nails is Farah (Zoya). I used the m57 Konad stamp rather than freehanding the leopard spots. They're filled in with Load (Illamasqua) and stamped with Black Creme (Wet n' Wild). I literally can't stop looking at my hands.

Thanks for the inspiration Marta!!!


  1. ooh this reminds me of trigger mittens! i think they might be a Newfoundland thing, but they are mittens with your index finger separate!
    you could call it a trigger mani as well!

    1. Damn that's witty! I may change this to be the Trigger Finger mani instead. We should do something really awesome featuring this new title!

  2. Ah I was TOTALLY thinking of recreating her mani today too, but decided against it.. now I'm regretting it because this is amazing!

  3. different love the orangeish color

  4. awesome!!
    love the coral and the beige combination!!

  5. Pistol accent? That's so clever! I love it! :D

  6. I totally made a gun with my fingers when I was reading your explanation of the name. I love it! Pistol or trigger, both pretty clever.

  7. Love the combo, love the name even more!


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