Glitter and Nail Art: Day 4

I needed more neon in my life, especially after looking at American Apparel's mix of promos for their neon line. I've shown you Floam and Orange You Unique? already though. I want to share with you my find from GlitterFest Nail Polish, Water Wings.

It's made up of neon green, blue and purple glitter pieces. The blue pieces provide the most sparkle, but I bought this polish for the matte green neon glitter. Can you see it very well? Here's another picture showing it a bit more up close.

Just another glitter shop to keep a watchful eye on. I may have to tell Siri to remind me to check for restocks a few times a day.

I just used my striping brushes dipped in Lickety-Split Lime (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri) and Fan the Flames Fuchsia (Sation) to create the stripes.


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